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Win10 Tips: How to retrieve the missing right click menu after multiple files are selected Computer Knowledge



In Win10 if you select 16 or more files at a time in the file explorer the content of the right-click menu will be Incomplete (open items such as disappear) this setting may take into account uncertain factors in the centralized operation of multiple files for example simultaneous opening may consume a lot of memory and cause the system to slow down or even freeze. However if you do need to operate multiple files at the same time and the computer resources are sufficient you can break the system default limit and set a more flexible number of operations.

▲Picture description: right-click menu after 15 files are selected at the same time (individual items may be different for each computer)

▲Picture Note: The right-click menu item after 16 files are selected at the same time

The method is not difficult just add a value to the registry the operation is as follows:

1 enter regedit in the Cortana search bar Press Enter to enter the registry editor

2 navigate to


3 create a new DWORD (32-bit ) Value named MultipleInvokePromptMinimum (slightly longer don’t lose the letters...)

4. Double-click to modify the numeric data pay attention to select the data format as decimal and then enter the number of files you want to enable the complete right-click menu Such as 666 in the figure below:

5. Click OK after modification and the new value will take effect immediately as shown in the figure below

Although the limitation is broken the author recommends that everyone try to avoid simultaneous operation of large quantities of files especially computers with low configuration and slow operation which may easily cause unnecessary troubles and freezes. In addition you may have noticed the batch creation of .bat files in the screenshot. How do you create files and folders in batches? We will break it down next time.

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