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Win10 tips: How to determine whether the computer is compatible with Hyper V virtual machine?



In Win10 Microsoft deliberately promotes Hyper-V virtual machines. For example it has been reported that VMware users have used discounts and other promotional methods to replace Hyper-V. However the operation of a virtual machine has certain requirements for configuration so for users who want to use Hyper-V how can they know at a glance whether their computer is eligible for this virtual machine?

Since Microsoft wants to pave the way for the popularization of Hyper-V various routines... of course supporting measures will also follow. For example if you want to see whether the computer meets the Hyper-V configuration requirements there are at least two ways to refer.

Method 1: System Information

This method is very simple enter the system information in the Cortana search bar (or enter msinfo32 after running) and press Enter turn on. Then at the end of the default system summary you can see the relevant information a total of four as shown below:

These four items must all be qualified (the value is yes) before they can be fully run Hyper-V if you see which one is unqualified you can consider upgrading the accessories.

Method 2: Command Prompt

Enter the following command in the command prompt and then press Enter to execute:


Similar to method one you can still see the Hyper-V information at the end. If all matches check Hyper-V installation in Control Panel→Programs and Features→Enable or Disable Windows Features.

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