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Win10 tips: How to add 'write protection' to U disks and mobile hard drives



For computers with viruses it is undoubtedly a pathogen. In addition to the Internet it may only use USB flash drives and mobile hard drives to spread the virus. In order not to spread to the outside world after knowing that the computer is infected we can restrict the infected computer such as not being able to write anything to the U disk and mobile hard disk which is equivalent to adding write protection to these media on the infected computer Features.

Although this seems a bit of a remedy it is better to save one more game at a critical moment than to let the USB flash drive that came to the rescue. To turn on this emergency function of course you must use the registry. The specific method introduced by IT Home is as follows:

1. Enter regedit in the Cortana search bar and press Enter to enter the registry editor

2. Locate


3. Create a new item and name it StorageDevicePolicies as shown below

4. Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value and name it WriteProtect as shown below

5. Double-click to modify the value data to 1 and the modification will take effect as shown in the figure below

If there is already a U disk or The mobile hard disk is connected to the computer after unplugging and reconnecting the modification will take effect (as shown below). At this time all mobile devices connected to this computer become read-only which means that they cannot be written but files can be opened and copied. If the computer returns to normal and you want to remove the write protection of the mobile storage you only need to change the value data of WriteProtect to 0.

But if the registry editor is disabled by a virus or administrator (as shown below) how to restore it?

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