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Win10 Tips: Add Delete the 'Mixed Reality' setting item



In the Win10 Creator Update the mixed reality (Mixed Reality) setting item is new. However in the recent preview version the project is also present from time to time so whether it can be seen in the system in the end may be related to the device configuration. But if the user has to meet with it how to set it up?

▲There is no mixed reality item by default in the new version of Win10 settings

You can make it appear in the registry in one click. The specific method is as follows:

1. Enter regedit in the Cortana search bar and press Enter to enter the registry editor

2 navigate to


3 Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value and name it FirstRunSucceeded (if the value already exists go to the next step) as shown in the figure below

4. Modify the value data to 1 as shown in the figure below

5. Re-enter the settings you will see the Mixed Reality item added as shown below

If you want to restore the default You can delete FirstRunSucceeded directly or change the value data to 0. In addition opening the 'Mixed Reality Portal' application in the Win10 preview version 15031 can also indirectly open the mixed reality settings. Interested children can try it.

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