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Win10 Tips: 10 tips about Win10 that I have to tell you



It has been two months since Windows 10 was released. If you have been using it for these two months now you may be confident that you know enough about this new system such as the newly added search bar and Cortana at the bottom left of the screen. It is a very bright new feature. However recently many experts and related media have come up with some of their own experiences after using Win 10 for a period of time. Some of them may already be known to you but some of them may not have been discovered yet. Therefore today I am here for everyone Summarize some 10 tips for Win 10 that you may not have discovered summarized by relevant professionals.

▌1. Customize your 'Quick Access'

The biggest change of Win 10 is not only reflected in the interface but also in 'My Computer'. In addition to the name changed to 'File Explorer' the opened interface has also changed. Among them 'Quick Access' can be said to be the biggest surprise.

In previous Windows open 'My Computer' the task bar on the left side of the screen only shows different partitions in your computer It’s just a disk; however this time Win 10 adds a new 'Quick Access' column next to it. It will list the specific folders you have frequently opened recently for your convenience; at the same time you can also manually pin them to 'Quick Access' column. At the same time you can also pin any folder in the 'Quick Access' column in the 'File Explorer'.

If you don’t like this new feature you can also right-click on the 'Quick Access' icon and select 'OptionsAnd then you can change the display interface when you open the file explorer back to the previous 'My Computer' look.

▌2 the latest 'send to' button

Right click on any file or folder (or multiple) you can use the latest 'send to' function . It has many new features for example you can send selected files or folders by fax.

In addition the hidden surprise is that if you hold down the 'shift' key and then right-click then 'Send The options that appear in 'to' will be greatly increased. What’s added? Let’s sell it you guys go try it yourself

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