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Win10 this computer click search does not respond to the solution



In today’s win10 system usage tutorial what we will share with you is what many users have been reflecting recently: click this computer search does not respond The problem. So why does the search of this computer in the win10 system fail? The editor also tried the search in other locations and it can be used normally. Then where may the problem be? Next let’s introduce the solution to this problem .

  Win10 system

  Win10 system This computer clicks to search for no response steps:

  1 open \u0026ldquo;this computer\u0026rdquo ;''Click on the search box''' on the menu bar''Search'''Advanced Options'''Change Index Location'''Troubleshoot search and indexing.

  2. If there is no problem with the search service itself you need to add an index location.

  3 install the Win10 update it is also possible to fix this problem.

Although this problem is only a minor problem it will also make our operation more troublesome. If your Win10 also has the problem that the search in this computer does not respond you can use the above method to deal with it.

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