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Win10 the system error 0x00000050 solution



Blue screen appears under the win10 system has become a thing that many users are accustomed to under normal circumstances there are many reasons for the blue screen of the win10 system and Recently some users have encountered an error problem with a blue screen code of 0x00000050. What is the cause of the blue screen error? How should we solve it? Let's see the detailed answer provided by the editor!

  Cause analysis:

There are many reasons for the error 0x00000050 such as memory problem software incompatibility disk partition damage driver compatibility etc.!

  Solution 1:

  1. It is recommended to update the driver and software first. If it has been updated to the latest version it is recommended to test whether there is a problem with the memory.

  2. You can also enter the \u0026ldquo;Recovery Console\u0026rdquo; go to the partition where the virtual memory page file Pagefile.sys is located and execute the \u0026ldquo;del pagefile.sys\u0026rdquo; command to delete the page file; then Execute the 'chkdsk /r' command in the partition where the page file is located; reset the virtual memory after entering Windows.

  3. If you encounter this blue screen while surfing the Internet and you are downloading and uploading a lot of data (for example: network game BT download) then it should be php?/%CD%F8%BF%A8%C7%FD%B6%AF/' target='_blank'>network card u>Driver problem you need to upgrade its driver.

  Solution 2:

  1. Press Windows+RA complete list of hilarious jokes [] and then enter msconfig in the input box press Enter and the system configuration dialog box will pop up.

  2. Select General click Click 'Selective startup' and then click to clear the check box above 'Load startup items'.

  3. Then click 'Services' click 'Hide all Microsoft' Services and then click Disable All.

  4. Then click \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; click \u0026ldquo;Open Task Manager\u0026rdquo; click Startup item and then click Disable.

  5. Click OK to restart the system.

  The 0x00000050 blue screen problem encountered by users can be eliminated through the above two methods.

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