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Win10 the method of hard disk partitioning



  win10hard diskPartition method

  One how does Win10 partition scientifically

first talk about the theory In part how to partition the Win10 system is more scientific? Should I divide a hard disk into many partitions such as system disk program disk data disk backup disk etc. as in the Windows XP era? Funny gif dynamic pictures[]

  In fact starting from Windows7 Microsoft introduced the 'library' With a new file organization format we no longer need to divide the hard disk into such trivial partitions. As long as the library is planned scientifically and reasonably even if the entire hard disk has only one partition we can organize the files in an orderly manner and find and use files. It is equally handy and methodical. Of course it is better to use the system disk as a separate partition and then create a partition as the program disk to install various application software. The rest of the hard disk space can be all partitioned into one partition. In this way the entire hard disk is actually divided into three partitions: Win10 system disk software disk and data disk.

  2. Partition during the Win10 installation process ('Windows10Disk Partition Tutorial')

  3. Use Win10's built-in \u0026ldquo;Disk Management\u0026rdquo; Tool partition

If we have already installed the Win10 system or we have purchased a laptop or branded machine with Win10 system pre-installed then use the 'Disk Management' tool that comes with the Win10 system. Partition the hard disk or perform operations such as merging and splitting partitions to adjust the partition size.

  (1) Use the 'Disk Management' tool that comes with Win10 to create a new partition

Because the Win10 system has been installed at this time that is the system partition already exists then Using the 'disk management' tool you only need to 'create a simple volume' on the 'unallocated' space to partition the remaining hard disk space.

  (2) Use Win10\u0026ldquo;disk management\u0026rdquo;tool\u0026ldquo;compress volume\u0026rdquo;losslessly split system partition

newly bought Win10 notebook or brand On the computer you will find that the system partition is surprisingly large even as many as hundreds of GB. On the other hand we need a new partition to install the Win7/Win8.1/Win10 dual system. Then at this time we can use Win10's built-in 'Disk Management' tool's 'Compressed Volume' function to losslessly split the system partition and slim down the Win10 system C drive.

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