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Win10 TH2 update_Failed what to do



Last week Microsoft pushed the Win10 TH2 fall update. Many users have received the push and updated but they encountered a problem during installation—Win10 TH2 failed to update please refer to the following to solve this problem. The first thing to note is that for Insider users who have upgraded to 10586 you are already using the official version of TH2 and do not need to update. Next let's take a look at what to do if Win10 TH2 update fails.

  Check whether the delayed upgrade is set

Regarding the problem of not receiving push notifications on the one hand it may be because your system has just been upgraded from an old version such as Win7 Win8.1 etc. It is still within one month of the 'experience period'. In order to ensure that you can return to the previous version when you regret it Microsoft will not push TH2 updates for the time being;

Another reason may be that you have selected 'Defer Upgrade' in the system as shown in the figure below. If you are sure to check this option please cancel and try again.

may be caused by insufficient space or SD card

Questions about installation errorsHistorical celebrities [ html/person/] question please try to make enough space for the system partition. If you have upgraded the system before you can clean it up. You can use the cleaning software to complete it and you can also perform deep cleaning.

Another situation may be that Microsoft has discovered an SD card that causes installation failure especially for tablet devices. Please remove the SD card.

  Download the mirror upgrade yourself

If you really can’t find the reason the best way is to download the mirror to upgrade by yourself. Even if it is updated through Windows Update the system needs to download a complete system image but the ESD is smaller than the ISO.

The only thing you need to pay attention to when you download the mirror upgrade by yourself is the version correspondence. Make sure that the downloaded mirror is consistent with the system version you are using. And note that the home version and the home Chinese version are two different versions.

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