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Win10 TH2 official version upgrade error! Error 0xC1900101 solution



It is relatively easier to upgrade from Win 10 official version 10240 to Win10 TH2 official version. However upgrading on Win10 may still encounter compatibility issues. Recently some users encountered 0xC1900101 \u0026ndash; 0x3000D errors during the upgrade which made the upgrade impossible. Now let’s take a look at the solution to the Win10 TH2 official version upgrade error 0xC1900101.

  Win10 TH2 official version upgrade

  According to user feedback this situation is basically a graphic card etc.hardware driver Caused by incompatibility. Specifically for this user who reported the problem it was caused by the NVIDIA discrete graphics driver. Therefore the solution is very clear: temporarily uninstall the N card driver and then reinstall it after the upgrade.

  According to the previous explanation of the Microsoft community the errors starting with 0xC1900101 are basically caused by compatibility problems especially the problems of hardware and anti-virus compatibility such as graphics cards. This problem was before Win7/Win8.1 It happened when the latest variety show []in10 was upgraded to the official version of W. Therefore if you encounter such problems again in the future uninstalling the relevant drivers and anti-virus should be the first choice.

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?How to solve the upgrade error 0xC1900101 in the official version of Win10 TH2? -Computer Knowledge Network

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