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Win10 TH2 official version update download and installation freeze solution



The 'Windows Update' of Win10 system is very different from the previous Win7/Win8.1. First of all the mechanism has been changed and the default download is automatic And install all updates. Then the interface is also different completely becoming a Modern theme style. After experiencing the changes that users can see some users find that this update function does not seem to be as easy to use as before. Although it is said that updates are automatically downloaded and installed by default slow update downloads installation freezes and even failures occur frequently and even restart the computer to solve them.

Some users report that the problem has not been solved well in the official version of Windows 10TH2 and there are still problems of stuttering and failure. occur. This problem can be solved by resetting the update service. The specific steps are as follows: 1. Press the Win key + R key to open the operation enter services.msc in the input box and Press Enter as shown below——

2 find and double-click to open the 'WindowsUpdate' service as shown below——


3. Change the startup type to 'disabled' and click the 'stop' button under 'service status' as shown in the figure below——< /p>

4. Rename the C:\\Windows\\SoftwareDistribution folder to SDfolder as shown below——

5. After the renaming is complete restart the WindowsUpdate service (adjust the startup type and enable the service) and then try to check for updates and installation as shown in the figure below——

After making such changes the problem of poor download and installation of Windows updates should be resolved. At the same time I hope that Microsoft can continue to improve Win10 and strive to reach the point where users do not have to manually solve various problems frequently.

?Win10 TH2 autumn update 10586.1045 official version started to be pushed: KB40 attached

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