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?ProDesk3D Printer specifications and features brief



  ProDesk3D is the first use of plastic filament world full color printing desktop 3D printer, it changes the creator for their ideas about printing work.ProDesk3D using patented 5-color ink cartridge system, mixed mainly print color, you can choose just the color of the object you want to print.This is done by ProDesk3D comes ProModel software to perfectly demonstrate.



  Features and Benefits

  Material support to improve the accuracy of print

  3D object to be supported during printing, ProDesk3D extruder printhead by double patent, the use of PVA-based support material to complete.Even the most sophisticated design may be very simple 3D print, the support material need not be removed or complicated trimming means any chemical can complete the design.The support material can be easily dissolved in warm water, approximately depending on the complexity and density of the support material is 5 to 25 minutes may be removed. This can safely drained.

  Cartridge and filament extruder

  6 comprises an ink cartridge system having an initial 1 ProDesk3D.75 mm cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white PLA filament and filament support PVA.Each ink cartridge is loaded into ProDesk3D basic components of each filament using a simple click of the extruder tube feeding can be completed.


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