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  _lcms.dll file downloads, resolve not find _lcms.dll problems

  _lcms.dll control conventional installation methods (for reference only):

  First, suggesting a lack of time or if you are running a software compiler, you can not find _lcms.dll and other similar tips, you can come home to download scripts from _lcms.dll can be copied to the specified directory (usually software system into a directory or system directory similar), or re-add documents cited.

  After two, you download from our web site down file, unzip it first (usually rar archive),

  And select X86 / X64, X86 32-bit computer, X64 is a 64-bit computer, depending on your system.The default is 32-bit system, if you do not know the X86 or X64, you can see this article.

  Third, select the file versions of the software according to the situation.This procedure is more complicated, if it is Windows dll file,

  The version number to 5.0 at the beginning of or contains nt generally windows2000 file.

  The version number to 5.1 or the beginning of the containing xp, general xpsp1, xpsp2, xpsp3 information file is windowsXP.

  Version number 6.Leading zeros or contain longhorn, vista general information file is windowsVista.

  Version number 6.1 or the beginning of the information is generally contained win7 windows7 file. If not the windows dll file, you need to be flexible view the version number, description, information provided by users, as well as related dll version number to judge.

  Fourth, directly copy the file to the system directory:

  1, Windows 95/98 / Me system, _lcms.Copy the dll to the C: \ Windows \ System directory.

  2, Windows NT / 2000 system, _lcms.Copy the dll to C: \ WINNT \ System32 directory under.

  3, Windows XP / WIN7 / win10 system (64 dll file system corresponds to 64, 32 dll file system corresponds to 32), the _lcms.Copy the dll to the C: \ Windows \ System32 directory under.

  4. If your system is 64-bit copy of the set of 32-bit dll file to the C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 directory, specific methods can refer to the article: win7 64 Wei Ultimate system running regsvr32.Tip exe versions are not compatible

  Fifth, open the "Start - Run - type regsvr32 _lcms.dll ", enter can solve.Hope _lcms script from home offers.dll to help you.

  House script by downloading dll friends, you can save the following code as a "registered.bat ", dll file into the same directory (in the same folder as long as there are these two files can), double-click registration.bat, it will automatically _lcms.dll registration (win98 does not support).

  The following is a version of the system and the corresponding registration dll bat file (corresponding to 64-bit 64-bit system dll file system corresponding to the 32-bit 32-bit dll file, if the 64-bit 32-bit system installed dll file, add the following alternative system32 as you can SysWOW64.)

  Copy the code code is as follows:

  @echo begin registration

  copy _lcms.dll% windir% \ system32 ",




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