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Solution itunes unknown error -50 problem occurred



  iTunes is the central link between Apple devices and PC, iTunes if the strike is all natural fruit powder hearts nightmare.Unfortunately, the use of iTunes into the iTunesstore process, many users have encountered "An unknown error -50" in error prompt.So, what we need action is available to solve such a problem then the error?Here''s a look at the details look at it, I hope everyone will be helpful

  Relevant information through the Internet, iTunes prompts "An unknown error -50" (Figure 1), mostly due to the associated configuration parameters documentation errors caused, but the easiest way to solve this problem is to reset the configuration file.It should be noted that, due to Windows XP and Windows 7 or higher system configuration parameters stored in iTunes document iTunesPrefs different path:



  If the XP system, we need to enter C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ ApplicationData \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \, delete iTunesPrefs.xml file can be (Figure 2); if it is Windows 7 or later, you will need to enter C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ delete iTunesPrefs.xml file.After deleting a file is recommended to restart the system, you will be prompted to re-configure when you run iTunes, can be used after the completion of normal.



  If, after you use the above method the problem persists, try to turn into the "iTunes → Edit → Preferences → Parental Control", where the first select Disable iTunes Store (3), to retain "allows access to iTunes U", after determining the restart iTunes, repeat the previous operation and cancel disable iTunes Store, so can solve, "An unknown error -50" problem.


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