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Solution Intellij Idea garbled based



  Use Intellij Idea three kinds of garbage problem frequently encountered:

  1, engineering codes garbled

  2, main method runs, the console garbled

  3, tomcat running, the console garbled


  1.Project Code garbled

  Settings> Editor> File Encodings> Global Encodings & Project Encodings setting:


  2.main method of operation, the console garbled

  Settings> Build, Execution, Deployment> Compiler> Java Compiler> Additional command line parameters> is set to:


  3.tomcat running, the console garbled

  Edit Configurations> Tomcat Server> server> VM options> is set to:

  idea> bin> idea.exe.vmoptions or idea64.exe.vmoptions profiles added at the end:

  Above this solution is based on Intellij Idea garbled small series to share the entire contents of everyone, and I hope to give you a reference, I hope you will support script Home.

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