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Solution Install SSD of the computer does not shut down properly



  SSD and mechanical disks compared to a lot of people running fast SSD favor, but for starters, there may be some unexpected problems at the time of installation.Dismount to introduce solutions installed SSD computer does not shut down properly, a look!


  Method / Step

  Specific now like:

  The computer does not shut down properly.


  Removal of the optical drive bay, the original mechanical hard on the optical drive.


  The solid state drive is attached to the hard disk bay.


  After installation, boot into the BIOS, hard to recognize it, and set the hard drive as the first boot.


  Read the disc, continued while loading the operating system, the computer can not properly shut down, remain in the interface, the power switch and the lamp drive bit hard black lights are lit, and finally only press the power button to force off.


  Finally, a closer review of the specification, which also had a two-channel switch compatibility!


  Pluck, then boot to normal operation, which is particularly important for users to install SSDs for the first time.


  Then, in the online purchase of a receptacle connector drive cable, converts the drive into a USB port as a USB drive using.


  When installing the original drivers of the computer, CD-ROM or necessary.


  Casually all network disk storage backup to the optical disc, in case of need.


  These are the Solution Install SSD computer does not shut down properly, we hope to help everyone!

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