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Solution inkjet printers using Common Problems



  Although the daily office, laser printers becoming more common, but the use of inkjet printers are also a lot of people, after all inkjet printers in terms of printing color pictures, with innate, almost irreplaceable advantages.However, due to various problems inkjet printer cartridges to be replaced frequently, and difficult to maintain, so use, often encounter.

  Most people encounter these problems can call the manufacturer''s maintenance staff is really no need, just a little care, a lot of problems can be easily solved lead.Below, I''ll introduce twelve.

  1, the display is still no ink cartridge renewal?

  Print cartridge or the ink cartridge does not place pressure sensor shrapnel did not return to alignment, and reinstall the cartridge or manually reset help shrapnel.

  2, the self-test pattern is a new cartridge, or lack of color break?

  The toner cartridge may not seal the hole or tear and clean the ink cartridge hole bubbles; required to tear a clean hole to seal or a secondary cleaning nozzle.

  Disconnected position change, there is an air nozzle into the ink bag, 1 ~ 2 times wash.

  Break position is not changed, nozzle clogging or discharge openings bubbles, or some downtime to be cleaned again.

  3, how to avoid nozzle clogging?

  Now almost all internal Jie automatic cleaning nozzle ink jet printer design, if the printer is not used for some time, then the power is turned on the printer itself executes the cleaning operation of the nozzle.The printer will use its internal support system, the ink in the ink cartridge suction, whereby to thicken the nozzle, the ink dries out wash, dry and avoid continued crystallized.Therefore, even if the printer is not used, but also develop the habit of at least two weeks to start the machine again, in order to avoid the risk of clogging.Some printers as long as the power remains in the "ON" position, when not used for some time, the printer will automatically perform a cleaning operation.General inkjet printers have such a design, you can ask whether your printer manufacturer''s models have this feature.If so, never turn off the printer, you can take this once and for all, but to do so would be more power.In addition, many users usually only print mostly black and white documents, wait until the occasional need to print color, only to find the original color nozzle has been blocked.Which avoids the above method, you should print at least every two weeks or once a color nozzle washed once.

  4 What are the causes, causing damage to the print head is?

  An ink supply system in the small bubbles, the air barrier is easily formed into the ink at the ink supply port, the ink supply leading to the sudden interruption of the nozzle, causing the ink off when printing.At this time the machine is necessary cleaned, if continued printing in this case the nozzle will be damaged, thus damaging the print head; aging printhead primary or secondary member member, deformation, make ready the printheads susceptible to fungal attack, is caused by print head damage one of the reasons; usually after one hour of continuous printing to rest for a few minutes, otherwise it will affect the life of the print head.

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