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Solution iframe tag nested on the settlement issue



  Problem Description

  When we do use easyui background management system will be used to implement the component tree tree menu, and we each click corresponding menu, depending on whether there is a url to determine whether the menu, as well as already exists

  // According to the node name of the node to determine whether there is

  if ($ ( "# tabs").tabs ( "exists", node.text)) {

  // check if there is direct

  $ ( "# Tabs").tabs ( "select", node.text);


  If not, we will nest a tag iframe html to open a corresponding window

  $ ( "# Tabs").tabs ( "add", {

  // The title is the name of the current node

  title: node.text,

  // no border

  border: false,

  // whether to show the close button

  closable: true,

  // nested iframe tag

  content: "