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Solution Huawei routers POS link can not be opened




  First, the network environment

  A router has two interfaces and GE.5G POS interfaces to other router, the router after startup A, GE ports discovery state is normally open, but 2.5G POS port could not be opened.

  1, the configuration of the POS interface is as follows:

  interface Pos7 / 0/0

  undo shutdown

  link-protocol hdlc

  undo scramble

  ip address

  2, view the system log and found that there is an alarm:

  SRM / 1 / LabelMismatch: OID =, Index = 67109638, SlotNum = 7, SubCardNum = 0, PortNum = 0, receive path signal label mismatch!

  Second, failure analysis

  1, link layer protocol configuration check: the POS interface link layer protocol other default router is the HDLC, and POS interface default router for the link layer protocol PPP, see both ends of the link layer protocol, router discovery has been configured link-protocol hdlc, consistent with the end of the link protocol configuration, it is determined not protocol mismatch problems caused by.

  2, the configuration of the CRC check: Default router parity other 16-bit CRC, and the 32-bit default router, and the router does not support the changes, the need to modify the CRC check for the other 32-bit devices.See configuration at both ends, it has been found in the configuration command corresponding interface crc 32.Arranged at both ends of the CRC check is also consistent, and therefore the CRC check is not caused by mismatch.

  3, check the link scrambling configurations: other default device is not scrambled, the default router is scrambled, need to be adjusted to coincide.Check the configuration at both ends, has been found on the router configuration undo scramble, scramble banned, so are not scrambling problem caused by incorrect configuration.

  4, the physical layer checks POS encapsulation: default other physical encapsulation device is SONET, the default router is the physical layer encapsulation SDH, the configuration different, but compatible with one another, will not affect go Up, it will not affect the data transfer.When implementation of the project but suggested that the two ends are consistent.The default router ports to physical encapsulation SONET, find fault persists.

  5, router ports details see: Run display interface pos 7/0/0 verbose, C2 was found not to match the transceiver, the peer is sent, other routers 207, while the local router 16 is sent in the past, thus resulting unable to open port.

  Third, Troubleshooting

  1, system-view

  The system view.

  2, interface pos7 / 0/0

  Into the corresponding POS interface.

  3, flag c2 207

  Modify byte value C2 consistent with other routers POS terminal port byte value C2.

  4, display interface pos 7/0/0 verbose

  Check the status of the POS interface has been changed to Up, the problem is resolved.

  For 2.5G speed POS interfaces, C2 checks the value, the value is inconsistent across C2 will cause the POS interface can not be opened, it is necessary to modify the high-speed POS interface is consistent C2.

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