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Solution Huawei mate30pro message does not display the lock settings



  Huawei mate30pro does not display a message after setting application lock how to do?There is a Huawei phone application lock, locked application requires a password to open.But there is little reaction partners can not display the message details after their Huawei mate30pro phone lock settings, this is how it happened?

  Huawei does not display the message details mate30pro lock settings

  Huawei mate30pro will be applied after adding application lock, pull down the status bar can not display the content of the message, which is designed so the phone, if you need to display the message content, you can use the application lock removed.


  If the application is closed or locking problems occur, open the message content is provided in the switch application of the tripartite.In micro-channel and QQ, for example: playing QQ: entering settings> message notification, displays the notification message to open the switch SUMMARY.Open micro letter: I enter> Settings> news alerts, open the notification message is displayed details.

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