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Solution hardware failure of the router Fiji News



  When a wireless network problem, we need a step by step investigation of the cause of the failure, first of all we have to do is start from the hardware, if you suddenly can not access the wireless network, the probability of hardware failure is the greatest.


  First, check if the wireless router power, the power indicator blinks is normal viewing, check the wireless router external network connections, the network presence check is normal to the wireless router, the outer normal network WAN port lamp is lit up, when there is transmission signal will flash.

  Second, use a wired connection to the router, specifically to see the operation of the router, if using a wired Internet can be normal, then that failure may occur in the wireless section, and then view the wireless settings, if there is no problem, then there may be a wireless client problems try to replace a new wireless clients connect to a wireless network.

  Third, in large wireless network environment, if some users are unable to connect to the network, and some customers did not have any problem, it is likely that a large number of access points in a fault, in general, by looking at there customer network issues end of the physical location, you can probably figure out which access point is a problem.

  Fourth, when all customers are unable to connect to the network, the problem may come from a wide range.If your network uses only one access point, then the access point may have a hardware problem or a configuration error, in addition, there may be due to radio interference is too strong, or the connection between the wireless access point and wired network appears the problem.

  Fifth, to determine the cause of the problem can not connect to the network, you first need to test to see whether the network environment of the computer can properly connect to a wireless access point, a simple method of detection is in your wired network in a computer, open a command line mode, then ping the IP address of the wireless access point, wireless access point if a response to the ping command, the prover wired network computer may be connected to the wireless access points normally, if the wireless access point does not respond, there may be a computer with a wireless connection between the wireless access point problem.

  Sixth, if the wireless client can not ping the access point, a wireless access point to prove itself not working, you can restart it using the ping command to see its connectivity, if these two aspects ping wireless access point still does not respond, the wireless access point has proved damaged or misconfigured.

  Through the above description, I believe we have a certain understanding of the wireless router hardware failure, when your wireless network problems, you can refer to check Benpian.

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