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Solution hard disk seek error rate




  Seek error rate: refers to a hard disk head seek servo system to position the head to read and write commands to read and write the specified track the behavior of.If the head motor servo system problems will cause the head positioning accuracy down and cause the hard disk read and write performance degradation, even when serious can not be located.May seek error caused due to head servo system aging, failure, or some other reason.//

  Seek error detection tool can be some of the hard disk (or hard drive manufacturers such as HDTUNE special tools) detected, usually 07.

  Seek error is a failed hard mechanical system is one physical fault (solid-state hard disk does not have this problem), it can not be repaired ruled out by software, can only repair or replacement.If detection tool detects 07 readings have shown that most of the hard disk seek an abnormal event has occurred.If the reading continued to improve over time or exceeds the threshold recommend backing up data as soon as possible.

  Cause of the error rate of the hard disk drive motor liquid a problem.In general, seek error rate, then read the disk is very unstable.

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