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Solution Flying Star label distribution protocol router failure




  A networking environment

  In networking environments Volans router, the router Volans Volans routers A and B are directly connected, both to perform LPLS, but can not establish LDP.

  Second, failure analysis

  1, on Volans Volans router A and router B run display mpls ldp, MPLS LDP view Volans router configuration information A and B of Volans router, configured correctly, MPLS LDP rule out configuration problems.

  2, run debug mpls ldp session, two routers can be found in normal interaction hello packets, but always switch between the LDP state Non-existent and Initialized, check found two routers to establish LDP Session of LSR for the Loopback Address 1.

  3, view the configuration found that only two routers configured mpls lsr-id, is also equipped with ldp lsr-id, used in establishing LDP Session is ldp lsr-id.

  4, can be seen from the configuration information, OSPF routing released Loopback 1 is incorrect, the correct route should be: network, OSPF routing error led to the release of the two devices 1 Loopback TCP connection is not reachable.

  Third, Troubleshooting

  1, performs system-view, system view.

  2, performs ospf [process-id] [router-id router-id], OSPF process, the OSPF view.

  3, performs area area-id, OSPF area view.

  4, the implementation of network, configure the correct route.

  Set a good save, LDP between such Volans Volans router A and router B can be properly established, the fault is resolved.

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