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Solution Error 676 line is busy problem



  The system comes with PPPOE dial-up protocol is being used, disconnect the PPPOE link is connected or restart your computer.

  1.Non-normal to normal client off the assembly line, will this prompt again when dialing, it is recommended MODEM first off five minutes after the open, the system automatically releases and other user accounts after landing.

  2.Modify the network card physical address

  If the fault is still not resolved by the above method, it is reason to consider the physical address of the network card, usually the address pool is full or the physical address of your network card theft caused, but most errors occur 676 users, the reasons are it is caused by the physical address of the network card, so this method for most error 676 is the most effective solution.

  (1) Right-click "My Computer" icon, select "Manage" in the left column pop-up window select "Device Manager", and then double-click "Network Adapters" in the right column, select the card currently in use.Figure:


  (2) the right to open the "Properties" card, select the "Advanced" tab, select "Network Address" (Network Address), as shown:


  (3) Click on the right side of "value", fill in the new network card physical address (physical address with the original phase difference) --12-digit hexadecimal number (as long as you set the new address does not happen to others like it no problem.), As shown:


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