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Solution eight heads appear



  SA appeared a lot of time testing all bad phenomenon, and is continuous bad, of course, pass the written test, and can not return to green.

  It stands to reason this case is almost impossible, because it is good manufacturers.It can not be all bad bad, and the average user can not operate the negative channel.Have you checked the firmware, maybe not a big problem.But we do not put too much in front of 3000, there are only two reasons for this situation:

  1.Firmware module deviated.

  2.Firmware module is actually bad, do first reset is not normal to see four modules, generally all bad, then the first to write SMB, look no written test through, usually it.Then reset, and then go out and see the number of heads that do not, to do, to write modules MT11.Exit Reset.Then into a look, OK!

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