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Sharp copier models troubleshooting examples



  Sharp AR205 copier significant "L4-11" Problem Solution

  Applicable models: Sharp AR205, AR160, AR255, AR275 and AR276 have a belt shifter models.

  Symptom: 1, motherboard power supply is not normal.2, the shift position sensor is not normal.

  Solution: At that time, do not have the maintenance technical information, as usual rationale display L4 generally related with the main motor or motor load is too large, so the main motor load pressure, test machine has not improved, then the main motor for a fault phenomenon remains the same, Thus substitution of the main motor connection cable, or the same fault.Copier suspected bad motherboard, the user is advised to change the motherboard, it seems, the result still does not solve the problem.Maintenance trouble, the Chinese repair network access to information that: L4-11 is not the main motor failure code, but the shift motor does not operate normally code.-11 after checking with the code back to the customer.-11 then checks the code at the client, the shift operation is not normal, in order to distinguish the fault position, the first shift motor substitution, the fault persists, substitution board has passed, the suspected fault on the shifter, so the remove the lid open and the right rear shifter examination, found that the guide rod shifter heavier oil, then after cleaning with alcohol the ball, then the better the quality of the lubricating oil, machine test machine, all normal. Summary: The original fault so simple, but so many detours to go, this illustrates the point, our technology is not up to date, and no timely grasp of the Greek work hard again.

  Sharp AR275 show "F5-02" approach

  Symptom: Sharp AR275 copier display fault code F5-02. Failure: 1, exposure light damage. 2, an exposure lamp harness poor. 3, the circuit board is damaged.Solution: for a first cause of the failure, the first pick [#] key is inserted into key → → [C] → key inserted into the key way simulation code, whether the code is working properly 5-3 check the exposure lamp, light exposure occurs under normal circumstances rare case of damage.Next, and then detecting the connection harness between the exposure lamp and the circuit board, with table detection foolproof off, and then confirm the exposure light to the patch between the circuit boards is normal, if the bad wiring harness, the harness replace.F5-02 ordinary general appearance are caused by bad wiring harness.The circuit board is little damaged, but do not preclude.If the harness and the exposure lamp detected are normal, the proposed replacement circuit board, the wire harness main causes of poor long-term wear, periodically detecting whether the wire harness distortion, deformation is the key to prevent failure occurs F5-02.

  AR275 copy failure analysis of all black

  Symptom: A Sharp AR275 digital copiers phenomenon appears all black (copy), the number is about 400,000 sheets. Failure Analysis: Sharp digital copiers appear completely black has the following situations: 1, does not allow electricity.Pressure plate is damaged, poor contact charging stand, ignition charge. 2, the toner concentration is too high, the proportion of toner within the carrier is too high, too much powder carrier, etc..A4 test copy of a manuscript made at the customer.Copies are completely black, but Black can still see the shadow of the manuscript test.I analyze the image, indicating a laser-produced, it should be the other two reasons..I used an alternative approach, the same type of charge replacement, a copy of normal.The last copy to the user to replace hundreds of copies of the same fault is not re-emerge.Different principles of analog copiers and digital copiers.With the popularity of digital copiers, analog copiers will also be slowly phased out of the market.Digital copiers and understand the principles of solution to the problem, we must address the current maintenance staff good question, to fast, accurate and timely customer service.

  Sharp SF-1116 Copier Problem Solution

  Symptom: no feed jams, pull out tray. Processing Method: General jam that portion of the carton and the fixing unit; feed part of it is not in the cassette and the feeder.1.Jam: Remove the paper tray jam first sensor to see whether the normal, such as normal checks the pickup roller, the pickup roller is not normal as it is also a weight sensor, the test as no copy paper jam, no problem claimant.Or to such a jam, under the clean pickup roller, so that they will not jam the tray.Cartons to jam between the drum, the first thought is paper path, which will go through the local paper, look at this sensor is normal, there are two paper path sensors, to see whether it is normal, the speed of light sensors, sometimes compact machine powder will fall, the speed of light sensors blocked, there will be jams, clean the powder does not occur paper jam, there is a separation claw on the drum offset, which would block the paper, there will be jam, on the separating claw back in situ, will not jam the machine; fuser jam, first the front cover is opened, the left side of the machine, the fuser can see, first remove the two plugs, further there are two screws Lun, the outer cover removed able to see a clip, the clip is removed, the fixing device can be removed, and then remove the paper, the fixing separation claws are not look dislocation, such as dislocation cardboard, the heavy machine back in place on the line.2.Do not feed.Paper tray does not see the pickup roller is not dirty or no rubbing force, something about the pickup roller does not happen this way.Bypass feed not also look at whether the pickup roller dirty or no rubbing force, something about the pickup roller to see if the good, such as not, look at the sensor is not bad, if a sensor is broken then again also previous, OK.3.Tray pull out, our first thought was that something was stuck not pull out the tray.If something stuck tray taken on the line, if the pickup roller tray stuck primary key, which proves no primary key pickup roller elastic force, is also a need for more primary key pickup roller, the machine returns to normal.

  AR-1818 copier jam Solution

  Copiers accidental paper jams, not a failure, but if frequent paper jams, you need to check maintenance.First, it should be clear at which site a jam, the sheet feeding portion is, the paper feed portion or the fixing portion?Of course, if these three parts are parts visibly damaged, replacement can be.But in many cases the entire transport mechanism parts without any apparent damage, nor any obstacles, affecting diagnosis.Aspect of the paper feed portion according to jam more, should first check whether the used paper size and paper to standard copy paper size.The reason test machine to use the standard paper size, paper size does not also cause a paper jam.Can put some paper in the tray, and then take the paper, if not rubbing in or not in place, it may be determined that the pickup roller or paper feed clutch problem, if the pickup in place, but the paper does not move forward, it is estimated registration roller slip clutch failure caused by or para.For some models, pickup skewed, the clamping force on both sides of the carton may be caused by varying sizes.Many operators at the discharge tray is inserted, excessive force, resulting in sheets of paper from the tray above jam pawl, will inevitably cause a paper jam.

  Sharp AR275 copy processing method meyeri

  Symptom: a copy of the AR275 irregular white rod phenomenon.Fault description: a few days before the repaired Sharp AR275, to repair irregular white bar is a copy, when I reach the user, firstly the optical portion, the charging, cleaning of the transfer unit, the fault does not result exclude.After cleaning, I took the copy paper stop between the photosensitive drum and the seat rpm, images found on the surface of the photosensitive drum is not full, I solved the problem caused by leakage rpm, after cleaning after charging, also excluded charging failure caused me to focus on the photosensitive drum, found the edge of the drum is a photosensitive drum cleaning brush until it has a very thin white line, finally found the problem, the cause of the white bar is a photosensitive drum scream will be a slight uneven distribution of surface charge, the surface of the drum and the problem is more serious when the drain.Generally, there are two solutions: First, replace the drum or component, this is the easiest way, but higher costs.Second, the surface of the photosensitive drum bandage, to ensure that it will not drain the surface, this method is low cost, it can be used as an emergency treatment program. Summary: Through this service, we can draw, we must be careful maintenance, then a small abnormal or damaged parts may lead to significant deviations copy effect.

  AR160 copier significant "F5" Failure Analysis

  Symptom: AR160 copier screen appears on the "F5" can not be copied.SUMMARY failure: a copier earlier repair of AR160, just machines copier back and forth scanning light flashing, steady."F5" can not be copied appears on the digital screen after a while.Failure: an exposure lamp position sensor can not detect the gantry have returned to the same place, there may be dirty mirrors, or the cover glass is pressed when the mirror above reduction dirty white. Solution: 1. Remove the white paper and the cover glass or cotton cleaning the mirror, may also be cleaned with alcohol three mirrors. 2, cleaning lamps, stained with alcohol cotton scrub carefully.3, clean whiteboard, it is with the sticker pasted on a small piece of plastic, so around the whiteboard is easy to pick up dust, a black line often, scrub carefully with alcohol, if not enough then the original knife gently scrape the white board, and finally with a white paper attached to the original position of the whiteboard.4, clean cover glass, the original white pressed against the glass, the glass also appears on a black thin line, cleaned with alcohol, and then the glass clean cotton.5, and finally restore the glass installation, after rebooting the machine back to normal.

  About SF1116 the copying machine without the bypass feed solution

  Symptom: Sharp SF1116 copiers Bypass does not feed paper. Fault description: new to the machine considered to be the pick skin is dirty, customers also reflects the carton has a similar problem, speculation is a problem in situ roll.First in no hurry, try a copy of an information, because the MP Only half does not move, nor appear after you try to remove the manual feed tray, close the paper feed tray from the machine is correct, because there is no paper jam sensors, nor the guide plate, mad fly paper, until no paper.Observed during this period registration rollers, to see the right, machine Attaching the feeder try, the problem remains.Back to the original idea, with 10 minutes loading the pickup roller, the rubber fiercely rub a clean install on the machine again, the problem is so.Daze think that in the previous communication, I heard such a problem might be caused by the clutch springs and Vincent Fang.Although not repaired, but only a try, after removing the first to send hand clutch is open, but found a lot of oil on the clutch, oil is definitely wrong, immediately clean, installed a try as usual.

  Sharp AR-158 double-sided copying common troubleshooting methods

  Symptom: Easy jams when copying double-sided and full white. Troubleshooting: 1, for a paper jam, first checks whether the copy of the original crease, is not easy to properly feed fed DP.Secondly check the DP pickup roller is aging, or clean the feeder pickup roller.Final inspection tray pickup roller or feed pickup roller side, such as paper jams and then cleaning the pickup roller is preferably, not on must be replaced.2, double-sided copying all white, the first check feeder unit home position sensor, to see whether the detected DP.When there is used a double-sided printed feeder, appear all white checks drum and the drum drive gear, without tumbling see whether an image on the drum.If the image checking whether there is a problem rpm base, such as aging or the transfer wire broke.Appear all white-sided phenomenon there is a possibility that the gantry, the gantry to see if the place, sometimes gantry went to the middle and stopped, but the document on the document feeder still did not stop, but also scan , then the copy will be out of the all-white photocopies.This case checks whether there is a gantry rail jammed.If there is no possibility that CCD is broken, need to replace the lost.

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