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Sharp copier m620N how to use multiple batch copy function?



  Copying files one by one is very slow, even when copying double-sided copying is to one side and then copy the other side, this time we can use the Sharp AR-M620N copier batch copy multiple functions, as described below in detail.

  1, as the side is facing the document to be copied (For anyway, regardless of the two-sided copying)


  2. For the two-sided copying: Click on touch screen "duplex copy" option (2-sided copy can skip step 3)


  3. Click the touch screen "2 → 2" option


  4, the number of copies according to the digital input on the keyboard after the point "start" button to begin copying


  These are the Sharp copier m620N to use, I hope to help you, please continue to focus on the script home.

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