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Sharp 2048n printer how to use? Sharp 2048n scanning method



  Today we take a look at Sharp 2048n scanning method, very simple basic tutorial with some problem analysis and solution.

  Software name: Sharp digital copiers sharp ar-2048n driver software Size: 106.8MB update: 2016-07-21 Download Now


  First, the problem analysis and solutions

  1, the error code that is prompted for the factory door is not closed.Check the paper tray, front cover, the side door is closed tight together, there are sensors on the door, if not closed will complain, can not print.

  2, copier flashing red light, can not be used.Please check whether retarded put in position, A4 paper neatly in the drawer, the feed end of the pressing it.

  3, the jam, please pull the cover away, lifting ends green snap, gently place the paper, press the green ends snap it back into place to close the side cover good.

  4, A3 copy material placed well out of the original, original pressing the button on the panel will jump to A3, and then press the key to see the display side surface of the tray feeder A3 liquid crystal panel, i.e., to begin copying click Start.Because the default copy are A4 size, A3 if the copy is complete, press the Clear All button panel, return to the initial interface

  Second, the scanning part

  1, a copier installed print, scan driver, first determine the network to ensure that there is no problem Printing.If there is no CD go to the official website to download the full version.

  2, copier, click above scanning, scan lamp lights,

  3, double-click to open the Clip Organizer on the desktop {full version of officc which have this tool} Select File - Add Clips to Organizer - From Scanner or Camera will pop up dialog box, select Custom Insert

  4, click Fax {because this model can scan multiple pages} and click the scan starts automatically scan.

  (1) file location: There is a shortcut to scan files on your desktop.

  (2) If the shortcut is deleted: Administrator ---- ----- Microssft my picture Clip Organizer

  (3) can also go to the official website to download the stand-alone version of this tool sharpdcsk.Open interfaces and installation almost OFFICE Clip Organizer When finished, just dcsk scanned TIFF file format.Similar to the PDF format


  Please do not move the green catches.

  These are the Sharp 2048n scanning method, I hope you like it, stay tuned scripts House.

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