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Sharing water off Hong Kong version of iPhone purchase and pick up experience can also buy iPhone6s



  About the New Year, all kinds of bonuses hair down, many people are planning to purchase a home before the beloved iPhone6 for themselves, which will have the most current version iPhone6 locked in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong version iPhone6 lower price, and features more complete than the state line.But to buy the Hong Kong version iPhone6 not you want to buy want to buy, because it requires a reservation in advance and pick up in person.Following small share of a person''s iPhone6 booking and pick up experience for everyone.We hope everyone will help it


  [Buy] a first step in the mainland can receive text messages and phone card activation

  1.I use the China Mobile Hong Kong Peoples 2g card, buy a minimum denomination of 50 Hong Kong dollars on the line, left and right on a treasure 20RMB.711 in Hong Kong can buy, 50 Hong Kong dollars.Friends say one2free beachboygy downstairs front of the card can also be used.

  2.Follow the instructions to activate what phone cards.Hong Kong Peoples cards can also be activated in the mainland, direct dial # * 130 # to activate the card and check this number

  3.When this record card numbers, booking of use.

  4.Try to send a text message to see whether the normal transmission.Phone, then sent to the mainland preceded 00186.If you can not send normal, quickly found a seller to solve the problem.

  5.Important: Each phone number can only book a success.

  [The second step] have an Apple ID

  1.Each Apple ID can only be successful book 1

  2.Apple ID registered in contacts can not take the machine, but when the book is filled contact must take the machine himself.

  [Third] is ready to step booking information

  1.When the clerk will pick carefully check the photo on the document, it must take pro.

  2.Each book documents only once.

  3.ID card, permit, passport book, the number recorded in the computer, can be directly attached to the past to save time.

  4.If it will not be recognized clerk, a man you can really bring your own book several documents on the same day pickup.To avoid being recognized, you can separate the different book shop take.(Pro-test no problem)

  5.Like a good book to which you want to store.Hong Kong has three outlets: FestivalWalk (Festival Walk store), ifc (International Financial Center), Causewaybay (Causeway Bay).Futian Port or from Luohu Customs, then take the MTR, Kowloon Tong Festival Walk store is the most recent, so this set of people is also up, pick up the appointment time may not have much choice.

  [8:00] The fourth step, start booking

  1.Log in Hong Kong official website booking page

  2.The right point "Start", log on Apple ID

  3.Select Store, models and other information.A book can only choose a color model capacity, the number of purchase optional 1 or 2.

  4.Filling machine to take personal data.You must be careful not to choose the wrong type of certificate, otherwise the consequences are serious.For example, you choose a passport, fill permit number, then you can not take the day not only machines, but the pass number can not be reused.Pro-test, also wasted a number of documents Baipaoyitang

  5.Time picker.Can book time in the morning 8: 00- 8:00 pm.Each hour an optional period.You must pick up the same day by appointment.

  6.After filling in the information, we will turn to a new page, enter the string Hong Kong phone cards to send text messages to 64,500,366 (because it is made with a number of Hong Kong Hong Kong number, preceded by the area code 00852 Hong Kong without no problem), then Apple will receive a reservation code returned by the reservation code and receive mobile phone number enter the booking code to a web page, you will enter the "reservation successful" page, you will also receive a reservation in the mail.

  7.Less working days people booked on weekends a little more.However, according to the experience of the first two weeks it is not even the weekend before 9:00 buy software can grab should now be getting better and better ordered.

  The fifth step [] to take the machine shop

  1.Reach the respective outlets, take the MTR recommended, in a subway wants out.

  Kowloon Tong Station: FestivalWalk (Festival Walk store)

  Central Station: ifc (International Financial Center)

  Causeway Bay Station: Causewaybay (Causeway Bay)

  2.White brand teams have found reserve line extraction machine verification flag in the reserved time.(Although according to my purchase experience, a little early and a little bit late, are still able to get to the machine, but is not recommended late adventure.) Ifc shop need to see a successful message reservation, Festival Walk shops generally do not.

  3.He took the machine to pay.You can print to e-mail to request electronic invoices, electronic invoices out like small paper ticket.Two machine then you can ask for two bags of Apple.

  4.ifc shop store credit card does not allow one person to take a different machine, if you use someone else''s credit card brush, you can buy matching on the second floor (you can buy the exact value) gift cards, gift cards and then buy.Festival Walk store credit card machine to take people who may not be the same person, people lined up to take the machine to take the machine, another credit card with the past.Causeway Bay situation is not clear, we experienced Feng share with friends.Feng Friends beachboygy added: "Do not consider Causeway Bay or brush someone else''s card.To documents, credit cards and my uniform."Do not verify signature debit card, there is no problem in this regard.

  The sixth step [pass]

  1.It should be noted: Richard recently did quite strict.

  2.Except for some trivial experience, mainly on the face (face goodness) and RP.

  basic situation:

  1.Under normal circumstances, only the luggage needs over the machine, other handbags, small backpack, etc., are not require excessive machine.

  2.In addition to the need to cross-on luggage, other customs do sampling.Meaning, customs stood Man, if you feel ta wrong, it will make you stop and put things off the machine or open the package to him.

  3.This is mainly to see the RP process, even with a small amount of activation and throw boxes, customs if you do not look pleasing to the eye and then consult your activation date, like you have to kneel.

  4.Do not think that one of these machines on the right, is sampling to, one of these machines is not wrong according to tax.

  Strategies :( personal point of view for reference purposes only)

  1.Do not put the machine on the big suitcase, a small bag with him or not these places had machine.

  2.If you grow too vicious or petty easy to suspected criminals, please behave.

  3.If you look too thin, pale easy to suspect that the XD, please behave.(My friend has therefore been searched . _

  4.Do not wear outdated clothes, especially wear thick, you can easily suspect hiding in the clothes loom.

  5.Naturally calm pass, the Za Za, will look nervous suspected.

  6.Try to make yourself appear to be a Hong Kong shopping to visitors, such as clothing, like a play out of the dress, hand carrying some of the goods shopping bags.Instead of water off.

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