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Sharing a common method of LAN card TV



  NBA playoffs in full swing, as I and other fans of this nature could not withstand the temptation to go to work time and can not run home to watch the game, so he installed a TV card on his office computer, providing the use of office cable signal from secretly enjoy the game.Since the computer in the office are in the same workgroup LAN, the pen can make your computer to "broadcast" so my colleagues can watch together on their computer.

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  Method 1: Using Windows Media Encoder

  Windows Media Encoder Simplified Chinese version, the latest version of 9.0 version, the file size is 9.About 2MB.Before installing, make sure that the native version of DirectX 8.1 or more, otherwise the encoder can not be installed.

  After installation is complete, run Windows Media Encoder, a window will pop up wizard.Select "to broadcast live events," into the "Device Options" dialog box.After completion of the selection of audio, video equipment clicking "Next", select "transmitted from the encoder pull" option in the "broadcasting method" dialog box, the next broadcast connection is provided (FIG. 1).When the HTTP port making, to ensure that the setting value and other access ports do not conflict, you can click "Find Available ports" button to let the system automatically assign ports.In the next "Encoding Options" window, set the appropriate video and audio encoding.Since the set too high can lead to the receiving end of the pause screen, so I suggest that you select the default settings can be, and finally click "Finish" button completes the basic setup work.


  FIG automatic dispensing port 1

  At this time, the main interface of Windows Media Encoder television screen will appear.Click interface toolbar above the "Start code" will be able to begin broadcasting a LAN users.

  LAN users want to watch TV, just run Windows Media Player, select "Open URL" command in the "File" menu, then follow the "mms: // 1636 "(where" "for the ip address of the host," 1636 "as the server port value) format input into the address bar, they can receive is playing host TV show.

  By default, any client in the network can be connected to a broadcast network.If you want to specify access to the client, you can add the appropriate IP addresses to the allowed list.This prevents not appear in the list of clients to connect.If you want to prevent a specific client access, you can add the IP address of the client to refuse to list.These can be set in menu bar "broadcast safe" options.

  Second way: Using live video (SFMylive)

  SFMylive popular version is a high-performance local area network version of the real-time broadcast software, which uses multicast and broadcast live to ensure that the user can easily increase the number of connections, and network bandwidth remains unchanged.We can very easily make "live" television program on the host by SFMylive, so that users do not install the TV card can also enjoy wonderful TV programs together.Software downloaded here.

  First, install the live server on the host SFMylive.Installation process is very simple, all the way "Next" to.After installation, run SFMylive.

  In the user interface right-click, pop-up menu, select "System Settings", set the audio and video capture devices (FIG. 2) in the "System Settings" dialog, IP address, data is transmitted by the software automatically detects get, the port is set to play in 9913.


  FIG 2 System Setup

  After entering the "Select a video source" window, select "Video Tuner" we can choose a TV channel.Select "Wired to receive" in the "Channel Settings" dialog box, and then click on the "auto search" button, the system will automatically search for all TV channels.

  After completing the above settings, we can choose to enjoy a good TV channel in the "Channel Settings" dialog box, and then click the play button on the main interface can be a webcast.If you want to change the channel, just right click and select in the playback window "Select TV channel" button.

  After SFMylive live server is running, other users within the network can not be directly to watch TV programs, you should first install just download the client software SFNetshow.After the installation is complete, run SFNetshow program, it will automatically search for signals being broadcast live on the network and play.Tip: SFMylive and SFNetshow require Directx version 8.0 or higher.So if a lower version of the operating system (such as Windows 98), there will be no TV screen on the host situation.At this point, DirectX upgrade as long as the problem will be solved.In addition, if watching TV is not on the host, it is recommended SFMylive minimize to the system tray, this can reduce the usage of system resources.

  Share wonderful TV programs in conjunction with network users, it is indeed a very good idea, but the client is unable to switch channels can not help but be a little flaw.Thank you for reading, hope to help you.

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