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ShareLock plugin allows you to take pictures in the side edge of the lock screen sharing



  Developer Ryan Petrich shelves Cydia a plug LockShare, the plug-in can start the Share button under the above circumstances, when you enter your camera from the lock screen, you can directly share photos.

  Now when you use an iOS device, when faced with unexpected things, the software will immediately turn on the camera in the lock screen, be photographed, but if you want to upload photos to social networking sites as quickly as possible, it is necessary to unlock the photos into the software inside to share, and now to introduce you to photograph new software called LockShare, allows you to unlock even in the absence of, still able to just shoot you share directly to set a good social platform.


  Free installation ShareLock:

  1. First, your device must be jailbroken (see tutorial jailbreak), first open Cydia, click on the bottom [Management] - source [software] - [edit] upper right corner - the top left corner [Add] - add a new source address http: // / repo / - [Add Source]


  2.After adding a new source address, select [Search] at the bottom of Cydia, and then enter in the search box ShareLock.

  Tip: If you can not search ShareLock, you can enter Cydia- [change] - click on the upper left corner Refresh - re-search the plug-in.


  3. After entering the top-right corner of the [installation], then click [OK], it will automatically start the installation.

  Tip Note: Since the beta test version, there is a certain probability require the user to re-install their own plug-ins to use.Here, the user can install Cydia ShareLock after the restart twice camera, if invalid, then re-install it again.

  After the installation is complete, you can get like a built-in sharing options iOS7 (lower left corner), you can share pictures to the design of the network, information, mail, etc..



  Weaknesses: Since you can share photos from the lock screen, resulting in a number of security risks, even if for example you set up a screen lock, and others can share your photos via your mobile phone.

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