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Several methods to refresh the page summary (JS, ASP.NET)



  Javascript refresh the page several ways:

  1. history.go (0)

  2. location.reload ()

  3. location = location

  4. location.assign (location)

  5. document.execCommand ( ''Refresh'')

  6. window.navigate (location)

  7. location.replace (location)

  8. document.URL = location.href

  Method of auto-refresh the page:

  1.Automatic page refresh: the following code toArea


  20 refers to refresh the page every 20 seconds.

  2.Page automatically jump: the following code toArea


  Wherein 20 refers to the interval 20-sec skip to http: // / page

  3.Js version of the page automatically refreshes


  ASP.How NET output refresh parent window script statements

  1. this.response.write ( "");

  2. this.response.write ( "");

  3. Response.Write ( "");

  JS refresh script statements framework

  // How to refresh the page containing the frame with


  // child window parent window refresh


  (Or 刷新 )

  // how to refresh the page using another framework


  If you want to refresh or want to refresh the window when the window is closed, then theYou can call the following statement.

   Refresh on open window

   Refresh Close Window


  JS not refresh summary of the relevant page refresh refresh Javascript examples JavaScript file upload page page Methods (recommended) to solve the micro-channel browser Javascript not use window: You may be interested in articles.location.reload () to refresh the page jump page JS and various implementations refresh page page js partial refresh time JS embodied and regularly updated page jump method JavaScript page refresh page summarizes several methods over time

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