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Several methods to improve the readability of the page



  1. Contrasting colors (Use contrasting colours). Here that the comparison is to compare the color of the text and background color.So the user can see the text easier to reduce fatigue reading.Visually impaired people may not see low contrast text.Vischeck can go to this site can look at your site looks in color deficiency (color blindness or) the user''s eyes.

  2. The text turns into small pieces ( "Chunk up" your copy). High density of large blocks of text to make your user load sensory information overload, there is a sense of oppression.A few tips:

  With a list (or 1-2-3) and subheadings

  Keeping paragraphs short

  Use on important points bold or use a different color for easy and fast browsing those less patient users can seize the key

  Control character line width (Use columns to control text width.)

  3. Avoid background clutter (Avoid busy backgrounds), so that the text is easy to see.

  4. Little bit better (Less is better). Placing more messy stuff on the page, allowing users to more confusion, distraction, can not concentrate to read.Website looks professional enough.Think before release of any one thing, you can not really hold?

  5. Use good visibility font (Strive for a clean font style for maximum readability.)

  6. Text not too small (Do not use itsy-bitsy font sizes). Ant-like text, difficult to quickly read.If you can control yourself the better.

  7. Let link like link (Make your links look like links). If it is not the standard blue links, the best Underlining.Not the link text, it is best not underlined.

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