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Several methods to disable p2p download tools Comments [graphic]



  Xiao Bian and colleagues to chat, often heard colleagues complain about the situation at home, not to force speed Internet.There are reasons for the phenomenon of speed is not to force the cause of many, including the users themselves in the use of some or Thunder eDonkey p2p download tools, this will affect the speed of.Several methods so today small gave you disable p2p download tools Comments.For you so you do not worry about the computer network environment.

  A method to disable p2p download tools by modifying the Group Policy Editor, how to open the group policy is to hold down "win + R" key to open the Run window, then type in the input box on the run "gpeidit.msc ", and then press Enter to open the Group the picture shows:


  1, then click open the Group Policy Editor above the "User Configuration - Administrative Templates - System and then found on the Group Policy" Do not run specified windows application "Double-click the option the picture shows:


  2, in the "Do not run specified windows applications" is set to "Enabled" and will "show" continued clicking after checking method has been enabled on the button, as shown here:


  Enter the process need to disable the program on the 3, then will pop-up "display content" window, for example, you need to disable the program, then Thunder, Thunder in the above input.exe process name to.Of course, if you need to disable the qq process, then add "qq.exe " the picture shows:


  Method two, of course, we can disable p2p download tools Group Policy Editor, so you do not drag down the speed.Of course, you can also enter the router, the router settings which disable p2p download tools.Limits at present only some of the more specialized routers have this feature set, if your router is has this function, then.You may be operated by the following methods:

  1. Open your browser and enter the gateway address in the address bar is usually 192 [.168.1.1], and enter the correct account password successfully log.

  2, the left side of the router or firewall security setting, there is some routers within the network or within a setting, where some block port.

  That''s all for several ways to disable p2p download tools of the Detailed, I hope for your help.Now you can disable it by a small series of work p2p download methods.

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