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Several methods Spring3 MVC parameter acquisition request summary



  Spring3 MVC several methods parameter acquisition request

  First, the path through the acquisition parameters @PathVariabl

  @RequestMapping (value = "user / {id} / {name}", method = RequestMethod.GET)

  public String printMessage1 (@PathVariable String id, @ PathVariable String name, ModelMap model) {

  System.out.println (id);

  System.out.println (name);

  model.addAttribute ( "message", "111111");

  return "users";


  For example, when accessing the user / 123 / lei path, performing the above method, wherein the parameter id = 123, name = lei

  Two, @ ModelAttribute form data obtaining FORM POST request

  JSP form below






  Java Pojo follows

  public class Pojo {

  private String a;

  private int b;


  Java Controller as follows

  @RequestMapping (method = RequestMethod.POST)

  public String processSubmit (@ModelAttribute ( "pojo") Pojo pojo) {

  return "helloWorld";


  Third, with direct access to HttpServletRequest

  @RequestMapping (method = RequestMethod.GET)

  public String get (HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {

  System.out.println (request.getParameter ( "a"));

  return "helloWorld";


  Fourth, the request parameter binding with annotations @RequestParam

  @RequestParam annotation with a binding request to the parameter variable a.

  When a request parameter does not exist there is abnormality, by setting properties required = false solution,

  For example: @RequestParam (value = "a", required = false)

  Controller as follows

  @RequestMapping (value = "/ requestParam", method = RequestMethod.GET)

  public String setupForm (@RequestParam ( "a") String a, ModelMap model) {

  System.out.println (a);

  return "helloWorld";


  That''s all for this article, I want to be helpful to learn, I hope you will support script Home.

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