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Sec understand: five electricity suppliers selling PCI-E M.2 SSD pros and cons analysis



  The new transmission protocol NVMe + PCI-E 3.0X4 Channel, Intel and AMD platform support and more friendly price, making the PCI-E M.2 SSD rapid growth and become the backbone of the current SSD market.

  PCI-E through the SSD PCI-E channel the CPU directly connected, without an intermediate part, higher transmission efficiency.Its transmission bandwidth of up to 32GB / s, five times as much SATA.Many PCI-E SSD form, there are like half-height video cards, full-height card, such as Intel 750; there are small mini-M.2 form.


  Currently Intel 9 lines, 100 lines, 200 lines / AMD X370, B350 Most new motherboards are equipped with M.2 interface, and the default protocol has supported NVMe SSD, installed new user if you choose SSD or confined in a traditional SATA SSD range, then it really a waste of your new motherboard.

  So, if your motherboard supports M.2 interface, PCI-E M.2 SSD is the first choice, followed by reviews of five electricity suppliers selling PCI-E M.2 SSD, you want to provide some guidance to purchase.

  Comments Product: Samsung 960EVO M.2 250G Reference Price: 999 yuan


  Advantage: Editor''s Choice had previously Samsung 960PRO, many users say is too expensive, can not afford to buy.Samsung M.2 SSD addition 960PRO outside, where there is a M.2 SSD - 960EVO, in the selling price more inclined to mainstream, in the end user.NVMe transmission protocol supported by using PCI-E 3.0x4 channel, Polaris generation Samsung original controller, read and write speeds of up to continuous 3200MB / s, 1900MB / s, random read and write up to 380K / 360K IOPS, the speed in the consumer after Brother, Samsung the SSD 960PRO.

  Disadvantages: however, to point out that the Samsung 960 EVO M.2 is a TLC 3D V-NVND, not the MLC particles, this is it cheaper than 960PRO reasons.

  Comments Product: Intel 600P 256G Reference Price: 789 yuan


  Advantages: Speaking of this PCI-E M.2 SSD, I believe that many users have heard of.Intel 600P, called the current market explosion models M.2 SSD.With NVMe, PCI-E 3.Inherent advantages 0x4 channel, sequential read and write speed of 1800MB / s, 560MB / s, random read and write speeds reach 155K IOPS, 128K IOPS, although Samsung 960EVO M.2 poor part of it, but a lot faster than SATA SSD, fluency and bring experience to the user experience in the practical application.

  Disadvantages: Of course, Intel 600P although Intel aura blessing, but also a 3D TLC SSD.And it uses a Silicon Motion master, not the master of self-developed Intel.The key is priced at only 500 yuan to climb some time ago, now risen to 700 yuan, really hard to swallow.

  Comments Product: Plextor M8PeG 256G M.2 Reference Price: 1099 yuan


  Advantages: Plextor produced, NVMe protocol + PCI-E 3.0x4 channel, with a brand-specific cooling fins, Marvel 88SS1093 Eldora original master with MLC Toshiba 15nm particles, not too critical hardware configuration.Maximum speed can reach 2500MB / s, 1400MB / s, providing smooth and delicate experience for the system, and up to 5 years warranty.

  Disadvantages: Plextor brand pull, as Intel, Samsung, of course, also today, reviews and five PCI-E M.2 SSD in the most expensive price.

  Product Review: GALAXY armored warrior 240 M.2 Reference Price: 669 yuan


  Advantage: and SATA versions of the armored war different, M.2 / armored war SSD PCI-e interface supports the latest NVMe protocols, selection of Toshiba MLC original particles, the particles are not TLC, respectively in the read and write speeds 2400,1200MB / s, the performance burst table.The price of 669 yuan, the 240G competing products in a very affordable choice.

  Disadvantages: the master is a group of linked data processing capability to optimize or less Samsung, Marvell these first-tier suppliers, in addition to the GALAXY brand of quality control and the ability to pull for consumers to consider whether this M.One of the factors it 2 SSD.

  Comments Product: Lite (LITEON) Core Super Series T10 240G Price: 739 yuan


  Advantage: Based on Core Lite Super T10 PS5007 program, but also with Toshiba 15nm MLC NAND, that the GALAXY armored warrior is consistent.NVMe protocol is also supported, go PCI-E 3.0x4 channel, 240G sustained read and write performance fastest to reach 2700MB / s and 1300MB / s, the performance is not bad.

  Disadvantages: Lite brand pull, and group together the master or worse, the hardware configuration is basically similar with the Galaxy, but also more expensive price.

  to sum up:

  Five or more PCI-E M.2 SSD are NVMe agreement, go PCI-E 3.0x4 channel, far exceeds the performance of conventional SATA SSD.And have their own advantages, brand, performance, and price on the particles, the options of which one, but also to your own choice, you can also express your views in the comments section.

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