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Sec understand 4-inch iPhone SE! 5 minutes super-concentrated apple 2016 spring conference video



  March 22 news, Apple''s new conference in spring 2016 has officially ended, the Apple security work is still not done, the most important new conference have been exposed in advance, if you stay up all night, then looked conference perhaps did not get too many surprises, do not look at it might look at the summary of the essence of the conference.

  As a brief history of Apple conference Apple "small" as the theme released 4-inch iPhone SE in the morning, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, has brought new Apple Watch strap and iOS 9.3 system update.

  Briefly, iPhone SE housing is iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S core, A9 chip which is mounted the CPU, GPU performance as good and iPhone 6S, respectively, twice the iPhone 5S, 3 times.

  At the same time, with a 12 million-pixel iSight camera, and you can even shoot 4K video support Live Photos, fingerprint recognition, and Apple Pay.This is the most expensive in the history of (BNM 16GB 3288 Yuan, 64GB 4088 yuan, March 24 from the set), the most powerful 4-inch iPhone.

  Ships with a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, equipped with the latest A9X processor with gold, silver, gray, pink gold four colors.Screen iPad Air 2 high brightness compared to 25% to the 500nit, while the color saturation higher than 25% 2 iPad Air.In addition, 9.7-inch iPad Pro also adds support for Apple Pencil and for the first time joined the 256GB storage capacity version.

  Price, the BNM 32GB version is priced at 4388 yuan, 128GB version is priced at 5388 yuan, 6388 yuan, compared with 256GB version.Same with the iPhone SE,? Will also accept reservations March 24, March 31 sale.

  The new system iOS 9.3 biggest highlight is the newly added Night Shift function.Can be adjusted for iPhone, iPad screen color temperature of the device.After Night Shift by adjusting the color temperature of the screen iPhone, iPad devices can become warmer, and thus more suitable for users to read at night.And when the device is in low power mode, Night Shift function will stop working.

  In order to meet the Apple Watch user wishes to change the strap, this conference, Apple introduced a strap made of nylon fabric, priced at $ 299 (about 1938 yuan), than Apple Watch Sport currently sold again $ 50 cheaper.

  In the conference final, Cook revealed that in 2017 Apple will move into the new "spaceship" office park.

  The following are five minutes super-concentrated apple press conference video:

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