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Seaside wedding photographs how to swing posture?Wedding photographs posture Encyclopedia



  Young people now prefer the wedding location, so blue sky, the sea to witness their love, beach wedding posture must learn about, then the beach wedding photographs how to swing posture?The following small series to introduce wedding photographs posture Daquan, a look!

  Looking to the future style

  Wedding is to commemorate the wedding, but also contains wonderful expectations of both a happy future, facing the sea look to the future wedding posture, not only to show the couple the most beautiful side, also it has a deep meaning inherent in promising.The focus of this position is to stand with the parties, to take a more side posture, eyes staring straight ahead, you can also replace multiple angles.


  Looking for style

  Lingering affection, looking like a new type refers to people face standing, staring each other, show.This position can return new world of sweetness at atmospheric scenes.This position is the key to gracefully eyes to grasp, not too stiff, it is necessary to show both sides concubine Italian Lang feeling, can not be too contrived, the best people to see there is the feeling of power.


  Innocent girl style

  The bride and groom who bust leans on the shoulder or arm to show the bride and groom delicate image of a sense of responsibility.Of course, like the bride happy face expression of the most critical.


  Back to back style

  New people can sit back to back on the beach, this approach can be reminiscent of the dating scene when the couple began to love, soft sand, clear cloud, seats seats sea breeze, the two inadvertently saying something, which picture looks very tender.The two sides rely on each other''s position, the real interpretation of the feelings of the couple through thick and thin.


  Kiss cheek style

  Kiss, wedding is indispensable shot.Kissing on the beach, the sea was quite a day for the AU oath feelings.Celi bride and groom kiss on the cheek, warm feeling even more than mouth-to-mouth kiss.Of course, the kiss only to be action only, a slightly higher level who will be the couple some distance apart, creating a dynamic beauty.



  1, the length of hair or a perm if pruning should be completed in a week before shooting.So hairstyle to a more natural.

  2, shooting For glasses, do with colored or reflective glasses, wearing contact lenses should be considered in advance.

  3, the night before the shooting, easy to do to ensure adequate sleep and bathe, wash hair, do not use mousse or styling hair gel and other liquid.

  4. To winter location shooting, wearing their own pants and thick warm coat.So as not to catch cold.Zippered dress clothes approached and fired most appropriate, easy to replace.

  5. If you think memorable special items, pets and other needs as props shot into the wedding, advance communication.

  These are the wedding photographs posture Daquan introduction, you want wedding photographs of friends can see Oh, maybe there is some shooting inspired it!

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