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Seashells WH3 wireless HiFi headphones really worth it to buy real seashells WH3 Wireless HiFi headset review



  True wireless headset sound quality is poor?Bluetooth unworthy of mention HiFi?While these are the facts, but the majority of fans still expect to have a break this pattern stands out.There is a demand production, seashells WH3 really starting LDAC with wireless headphones and digital divide stunning two magic circle TWS industry, although domestic manufacturers HiFi Bluetooth products out there, but the only real bright spots of seashells WH3.While saying good deed goes unpunished, but eventually speak with sound strength, as the first to eat crab, I will bring this seashells WH3 evaluation for everyone:


  Seashells WH3 packaging off-white appearance, surface shallow bears the outline of the headset, the overall design and feel a little bit Low, of course, if the price is not this against the half-evaluated, Qian Yuanji true wireless Bluetooth headset packaging should not be this level.


  Back of the package is the product name and some of the production information, seashells WH3 there is only one color ivory to buy, the top affixed supported encoding formats, LDAC, UAT, aptX, AAC, SBC full support, regarded as the largest and most complete coding market the TWS headset.


  Open the lid of the pack world, seashells WH3 foam center is located in the headset, it does not have a transparent plastic wrapping paper.


  Seashells WH3 top is the headphone packaging, the lower is used to store the parts, the whole package of planning quite reasonable, pick anything wrong.


  Seashells WH3 true wireless headset Accessories Total: three pairs of earmuffs, Type-C charge short-term, clean brush, certificate, warranty card, manual.Black comes with very small brush HiFi headphones in the taste, and suggest that the future of high-end TWS should have brought such a brush.


  Seashells WH3 charging case from appearance before the release was unanimously ridicule soapbox, actually get our hands really is another story, or about the same as the Japanese rice cookers.Compared to the small volume vivo TWS Neo (below white) slightly larger, surpasses Soundcore Life Note (black upward) a short length, belonging to the type of round thick chunky.


  Seashells WH3 positive charging box inlaid with a small metal plate, brand logo printed Hiby.Also printed on the nameplate logo design my first thought is OPPO Enco Free, whether caused by (chao) King (xi) behavior is not known, but this is obviously pleasing to the eye seashells.


  NFC charging case is left of the mating zone, also has a small NFC standard N on the charging box Videos.Charging case battery capacity 400mAh, the total life of 24 hours fared well, with my test standard single-use aptX / AAC encoding almost six hours, LDAC coding costs of electricity some nearly five hours.


  Charging the right side of the box, seashells WH3 charging port is where most mobile phones using a common Type-C port, if you are a iPhone user it does not matter, seashells WH3 support for Qi wireless charging, almost casually a wireless phone charger you can share.


  Seashells WH3 the power indicator on the front side, a total of four LED lights, but in fact, as long as one (with different colors representing different states) can show all the power, four of design in today it seems slightly out of date, seashells the first TWS can understand, after all, this product from the project to commissioning to final production might last annual basis.


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