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Seashells WH3 true wireless Bluetooth headset worth starting it seashells WH3 true wireless Bluetooth headset comprehensive evaluation



  After this experience HiBy seashells WH3, finally finally finally, TWS and HiFi appeared on a headset, and interested friends not to miss.

  Yen value

  WH3 packaging, just like the.Product appearance is the front view of the back of a technical character and make site.Black and white, simple and intuitive.


  Open the box, have a product warranty card, certificate, Quick Start Guide in a paper bag.


  Fitting a cleaning brush, a charging cable USB Type-C, 2 sets of white silicone earmuffs (L / S)


  White charging case, a bit chubby, not heavy component.There are four front LED lights, display charge.Each charging switch box, the four light to light for a long time, it seems to give off the headset is fully charged, annoying.Charging case is left mating zone NFC.Open the box, the middle of a dedicated button for pairing, this is not the same, and other wireless true.

  Charging case 400 mAh battery capacity, the total life of 24 hours, very good.But after opening LDAC, obviously feeling really power than other Bluetooth coding.



  WH3 is wearing the most comfortable I really Wireless, on the one hand and its shape is similar to Apple AirPods, unlike Cruiser TWS5 cavity as a great center of gravity relocation; on the one hand more than the feeling of wearing earmuffs and daily after-ear wired cents no difference, very solid, no longer worried about shaking or falling.Recently my wife grabbed my morning run to lose weight, the first praise is praise WH3 wear, very firmly, not shaking.

  But there Shao feedback, WH3 sound guide tube short, the situation can not withstand the headphones handle is deeply occurs when worn, causing the ear canal not fully closed, listening to compare the impact encountered noisy environment.


  Hardware parameters:

  Bluetooth chip: Qualcomm QCC 5121

  Unit is configured to: a circle iron

  Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 5.0

  Bluetooth encoding: UAT / apt-X / SBC / AAC / LDAC

  Microphone: Support

  Battery capacity: WH3 = 45mAh, charging case = 400mAh

  Life: single earphone for 5 hours with a charging case up to 24 hours

  Weight: single WH3 body 6g, 53g cartridge charging


  Seashells WH3 using a Bluetooth chip Qualcomm QCC 5121 program (official link).It also seemed to me audition first to use Qualcomm true high-end 5-Series wireless headset Bluetooth chip, to really feel seashells wireless is enough to fight.More powerful, but also added support Sony''s own UAT and LDAC, and he just let WH3 grab in front of Sony to become the world''s first true wireless support LDAC coding, admire!

  Huawei Mate20Pro phone connection, automatically recognized as LDAC HD encoding APP shrimp music player local non-destructive, very slight background noise.But the stability of Bluetooth connectivity worrying:

  (1) The first option when paired specification recommended Left, but even randomly connect again WH3 Left or Right, and there is a greater chance of the right ear left ear sound silent problem.Only back in the box to reconnect it be possible to change for the better.

  (2) daily use, stationary state, stability still.Once in motion, it is easy to lose signal.Such as riding a bicycle when the phone put the right pants pocket, along the way sound off.I thought it was LDAC coding problem, switch to apt-X, right hand holding a cell phone in the park trot, the result is still intermittent sound.

  (3) with a long connection instability after the discovery appear mostly when the Bluetooth connection Right, Left even if stability is relatively much better.But the trouble is, you can not specify a phone connection Left, are random every time you reconnect, even the probability Right is still very large (─.─ |||

  (4) Bluetooth connection and start playing APP, there will be sonic boom.


  It is said that these problems are not because WH3 LDS antenna caused.After the update version hope to solve this problem.

  Another variable is the July 8 seashells in the official microblogging issued a notice delays LDAC encoding support (official link), said: The new firmware need to temporarily withdraw support for LDAC coding, the specific on-line until further notice.Currently they do not update the firmware, then, WH3 (including me with the pair) still support the use of LDAC.For users on the 8th of July this purchase if not satisfied, seashells also committed to the unconditional return.

  Tone quality

  Burn in 50 hours.WH3 of "singularity" effect is more obvious, more than 85% of the volume is a good sound, otherwise it will be less of a transparent, with a bit of nausea.To listen to classical to more than 90%, this point in time need to take note of the usual listening.

  Personally, I think the biggest highlight is the WH3 "tunable digital divide", which implements the thousands of thousands of faces in a way earplugs, earplugs make a sound expression more suited to their preferences, but also very easy to aging.Before actually has a similar technology, but mostly for physical properties, such as replacing a sound mouth, filters, earmuffs, headphone cable upgrade and so on, there is one additional expenses, is a slightly cumbersome to operate.And the digital frequency WH3 looks like a simplified EQ intuitive, easy adjustment, a direct effect, not so simple and practical, the use of the DAC itself is a differential output driver unit to achieve an iron ring, it is not distorted, unlike EQ so stiff, in general very user-friendly, is a great experience!Did not experience this point in time before the quick assessment, it is a bit violent heavenly objects exterminate (─.─ |||


  To use this feature, you must install seashells''s Bluetooth products dedicated APP - Hiby Blue (not seashells music), design ideas and fill + coincide, various parameters WH3, individual adjustment, such as gesture set, firmware design, switch TWS + and digital frequency adjustment.

  APP after the start of power and earplugs can see the current encoding format.The first line is a double tap gesture set, the default is the play / pause; the second line is a three-tap gesture, the default is an upper / lower a; third row is adjusted digital frequency; fourth row switching TWS +, generally used Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 mobile phone chip can try; fifth line is online firmware upgrade.


  I use the version V1.48, should be upgraded over.Digital Crossover no longer be in third gear, can be adjusted between 40hz ~ 19000hz.If the crossover frequency is low, an iron-based, and vice versa is a moving coil based.First entered, the default is the intermediate position 10kHz (iron ring mode).

  Leftmost 40hz (moving iron mode) is not available basic sound shrill, simply Guijiao.

  2700hz, the official suggested: the human voice priority.The left side of an iron model, for me this sounds too "quality", the sound thin and crisp, emphasizing clarity, but the female voice sounds are many and sharp teeth, slightly dry rigid interpretation of musical instruments.There is also a side effect of high frequencies is not clean, from time to time pops current pop sound.

  The default 10kHz, most of the tracks are very good interpretation, the sound is thick, loose natural.But for me, like to listen to female voices, dental or a little more sensitive to high frequency can be friends again like I did the right tone some find a tooth not only retain a certain tone and not too exciting position.My personal recommendation is between 13 ~ 14kHz, do not look only a thin 1kHz, listen to "listen to China" is a great track this dynamic, you will find the treble lute might be a little stand in the 13khz, and on to 14kHz It will be much better, better Naiting.Side effect is the sound a bit HIFU.

  Pulled the rightmost 19kHz (dynamic mode), the overall sound is very mellow, all sound like my favorite food, like pork cutlet are wrapped in a layer, they sound no edges and corners.Although a bit false, but it does more melodious and, I believe there are friends will like.

  And when I adjusted the greatest feeling is that everyone likes the "point" too different.Before the audition I saw a super big brother recommended that left a quarter of a Gangster recommended that 9kHz, and I like the sense of hearing is not the same.Perhaps these two heavyweights younger, is HI-RES standard audio When they came into contact, there may be a very high demand for a replay of clarity.And like me, from the tape, all the way through to the radio, may be more emphasis on musical taste these slightly mysterious stuff it.After all, everyone has a right of their own Hamlet (^ o ^)


  After the crossover setting, WH3 voice I''ve ever heard is really one of the best overall strength of the radio inside, and it is my favorite.Entire sound with a certain thickness, full solid, natural and relaxed, the process is relatively pleasing ear warmer.Dynamic quite good, even more than some of wired headset performance, extends across a lot better than the average wireless real time HD encoding LDAC.

  High frequency grinding burr just right, neither too exciting, but also retain some texture.The best part is that it''s an excellent high-frequency transients, soft but just, is my favorite kind of not dragging its feet altogether, so listen to lute, guitar, triangle and other instruments both melodious, but also with a certain impact force, more grasping ears, contagious, and how to listen to how cool.But the more important point here is to adjust to a comfortable crossover own, such as Zhang Bichen "peony flowers" FLAC, shrimp music, LDAC, left connection, when 9 ~ 10Khz, high frequency of dental majority will be eliminated, but there will be the end portion of the pull wire climax of sound that thorn.Although it is short, but then suddenly to look at, or a little too much for the ears.Such a situation when it is not more likely to open membership or listen to streaming media format HQ (─.─ |||

  Very good low frequency in a true public radio, there are some dive, a small number, intensity soft side, more fluffy, elastic good, rich layers, estimation and design Quad DAC output balance of the relevant.Listen to the first song Billie Eilish Grammy this year''s "Bad Guy" can be very easy to feel the difference in low frequency, a good performance at the beginning of the low-frequency wired headset is rapid and effective, there is a qualitative quantity, it is easy to all of a sudden the audience into song atmosphere.WH3 dive, force, numbers some are bad, but the whole shape retention is still intact, and soon received a very clean, songs atmosphere still, a good degree of integration, low and medium frequencies do not appear out of line or cover up the low-frequency low-frequency circumstances, the whole song''s appeal is still outstanding and fluency.Especially the last few big bass, dive deeper, although the impact of softer, but control more than expected, no real buzz general wireless prone, great!


  In other seashells R3pro Saber to play with words, WH3 voices are rising again, above all, the low-frequency will catch some large, low frequency of dive and the amount of flu will be improved, the details will be better, sense of atmosphere and songs greater clarity.But the stability is worse than Bluetooth cell phone, the motion almost unavailable.

  to sum up

  WH3 listened to so seashells period of time, really like the more you use, the quality of its powerful, sonic, rare overall strength gave me the impression excellent.Commendable is, WH3 sound quality almost could not pick obvious weaknesses, the performance of male, female, small establishment, etc. are remarkable, broad applicability, especially adjustable digital divide so appear black technology greatly broke through true limitations of wireless Bluetooth headset, the sound can make WH3 very conveniently close to the user''s personal preferences, truly "match up".I have recommended it into the annual list, with the price not make him think, I hope to further enhance the stability of seashells Bluetooth connection, so that we use more pleasant (^ o ^)

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