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Seashells WH3 iron ring true wireless headset seashells WH3 how to iron rings true wireless headset detailed evaluation



  As we all know, the past two years in the audio industry''s hottest topic of TWS true wireless headset, it should be said that the rise of true wireless completely changed the way people use headphones habit of daily use to give users a more convenient experience.Today, whether in the streets or subway car, everywhere wireless headset worn by the user true, and for this phenomenal existence, unable to bear the traditional HiFi manufacturers have already added the wireless camp really is a matter of interest Do not miss a friend.


  This does not, in the country much favored by enthusiasts of HiFi brand seashells just recently unveiled a real wireless headset - seashells WH3, this is the first self-developed real seashells wireless headset products, priced at 1098 yuan.Perhaps in view of some enthusiasts, seashells launch mass consumer wireless headsets really seemed not so HiFi, and the new test the water component is relatively large?But I personally do not see things, first of all follow the script and consumer market demand, which is something that always pay attention to each vendor; in addition, when I actually experience down WH3 this product, it did not feel that there is a clear test the water content, on the contrary, this is a quite HiFi taste of true wireless products, here to talk about the experience of using these days.




  Saying industry specializing in surgery, as the domestic well-known brand launched HiFi true wireless products, seashells on WH3 adjust the sound can be described under the foot work.First headset using the "iron circle a" double cell structure, Knowles iron unit with the large size of the composite diaphragm moving coil unit, lay a good foundation for the sound quality of WH3.

  Inherent sound quality for Bluetooth, Bluetooth seashells WH3 on the format not only supports aptX, AAC, SBC, also support its own research and development of UAT coding, but currently only supports connections HiBy OS hardware products, supports up to 96KHz, 24Bit audio formats.In addition, seashells WH3 follow-up will also support Sony LDAC coding, can be said to pursue wireless and high-quality music lovers, seashells WH3 make you this "luxury" becomes possible.



  Then talk about the sense of hearing, seashells WH3 as a true wireless headset, it''s my original sound performance is not too high expectations, but actual audition down far exceeded my expectations.WH3 of sound at the end is very good, three-band equalizer, clear and full sound, even if not directly on the very HiFi of iPhone (based on AAC format), the sound quality of this headset is also not weak.Some of the details, music layered, high-frequency and low-frequency portion of the extension dive explain very clearly all the advantages iron ring unit is also able to play well on the headset.


  Even more interesting is that in "HiBy Blue" App years, also presupposes a special adjustable digital divide [function].The self-developed technology is patented technology seashells, DSP software algorithm with hardware, the user can freely adjust the dynamic crossover point thereby changing unit and the iron unit operating state, chosen at random like the sound.And less directed to users who like to toss, seashells also gives suggestions crossover three recommendations, the movable iron [mode], [ring] and [Fe mode dynamic mode], corresponding to frequency division 2700Hz point (voice priority), 10KHz crossover (acoustic instruments priority), 18KHz crossover (drums musical instruments priority), the crossover point the finger sliding and sound will change.

  The actual sense of hearing my own, that was more like an iron ring around 10KHz mode [], layering distinctive sound of this mode, music and more with a sense of line, whether it is listening to pop or classical, musical instruments, sound presentation details and more clear, this is my favorite.Also needs to be emphasized that, under the above three modes, dynamic headphone unit with iron unit will work, but the orientation of the working unit of the state in different modes with sound are different, so we should be selected based on personal likes appropriate mode.


  Having a sense of hearing, as to the appearance of some individuals feel that there is not much to tell, and the relatively formal design WH3, only white color optional.Headset wearing comfort is good, only a single 6g very light, good stability, but the volume is slightly larger than the charging case for it less convenient to carry, and this is the place I most want to Tucao.Good local charging box with the mainstream Type-C charging port, and wireless charging (charging support Qi wireless protocol), it is convenient.


  Operation, headphones touch operation, double or triple click can control the music player and the song.Touch operation is my favorite, to avoid the oppressive traditional push-button operation on the ear caused; Also in the "HiBy Blue" App, users can also customize the left and right headphone button functions, this is really used the mainstream wireless headphones friends should have a better understanding, and not repeat.


  Life, seashells WH3 single earphone body can use five hours, with charging case can be used for 24 hours, out to the streets to meet the daily commuting, office and other scenes needs no major problems.

  to sum up:

  As the first true wireless headsets seashells, WH3 and product details are still used on some of the experience needed improvement, such as larger charge cartridge, such as details of the work at the seam; but in product performance and sound performance, the headset has a very good performance, its unique digital divide [adjustable] function playability is also high, if you have high demands on quality, then I would like seashells WH3 should not let you down.

  2020 is still true wireless headset headset market to guide the whole year, but the face of increasingly brutal competitive pressures, including seashells such traditional HiFi manufacturers how to use their own advantages in the professional technical Win can be said is the key.WH3 whole is off to a good header, but can continue to follow-up force and improve the product experience in all aspects?For seashells, but still has not a small challenge, let us continue to look forward to it.

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