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Seashells flagship R8 players how to seashells flagship player R8 detailed evaluation



  As we all know, the recent discussion about music carriers have been heard, physical music streaming has to change and can not change the actual facts.The corresponding change with the change of equipment as well as play music from turntables to CD player to the current player and mobile phone network.Streaming become agents of change in the industry from both the listener to start playback section.

  Now the portable player market is also doing the same in such a change, once the players are using the default consumers to download digital files or CD ripping file as a carrier, or that is to file as a carrier, but in the last two or three years , WiFi has become almost standard no matter what the product positioning of players, so that users can more easily listen to music from a variety of streaming media platform, and in my mind the so-called "streaming media" has one of the most basic requirement is I need to really be called anytime, anywhere to listen to streaming media.Streaming music is not only in the network "flow", but the user can listen to anytime, anywhere "mobile".So this year I finally have a first heart streaming media player was born, it was shortly after the release of seashells flagship player --R8, interested friends not to miss.


  Why is the first?I am sure you have guessed, the reason is very simple, this player supports 4G network, users can insert the SIM card to listen to music anytime, anywhere.For those who have WiFi-enabled products, the WiFi is ultimately dependent on wired networks, wired networks in order to have a WiFi router not to listen to streaming music to achieve true anytime, anywhere, and only 4G network in order to really achieve such a function.However R8 only stainless steel version of the 4G network support, castrated version of the aluminum alloy, stainless steel version of private thought R8 R8 is complete, stainless steel may be more expensive but I think it really buy stainless steel version of the R8 have to buy this player significance.(I admit that I did not focus on specific price is much .)

  A brief look at the interface and functions

  For the flagship player, the functional interface of what are regarded as "add-ons", here also simple to introduce.

  R8 uses a suitcase Packaging, in addition to the body, there are two wires, a USB-C to a coaxial.The other is a conventional USB-C data cable, and that some instructions and foil, the machine factory took before and after the film, as well as a well-known manufacturer of leather from Dignis, but the film is not very fit, will screen before the holster the film tilt to squeeze, which can be considered a little noisy point.


  Interface There are five interfaces at the bottom of the fuselage, the middle is USB-C + charging data interface, respectively, on both sides of each of a 3.Interface and a 5mm 4.One set is balanced interface 4mm headphone jack, the left side, the right side are a set of interfaces Line Out.The left side of the two slots, which is also the biggest highlight machine is a conventional TF card slot, and the other is a SIM card slot, a user may be realized by inserting the 4G network streaming SIM card play.



  The other is the volume knob on the right side of the top of the fuselage and the fuselage of the four buttons, namely, lock screen, on one, Pause, Next.These are the conventional configuration.But for a flagship player, the honest feel some small accessories, such as not to single-ended and balanced outputs supplied wire.Although leather is full of sincerity.But I received was the official version has not been officially released before the official commercial version there may be some adjustments on the details related accessories.

  Also worth mentioning is the R8 also supports the expansion mqa format, currently supports 8-fold expansion in the future will have to support more magnification, if you''re like me a Tidal user it must also just to be, and if you still roon users , then the machine can even do a part-time player the perfect bedside.

  Description of the "simulated flavor"

  During the Beijing sound development last year, I invited a few industry friends come to my house to listen to my stereo system, which also has several top heavyweights of seashells.But ashamed to say that time is not as good as analog system tuning now there are some small problems, however, and the difference between digital music system is obvious.After listening to everyone talk dined chat will continue to show up and then back home.Before this year, R8 publish them sent me a prototype, there are seashells relevant staff told me that this machine sounds set the tone for a part or style from my system on them or "inspired"?I do not know that this is not a scene or flattering words only, or not to be too self-righteous feel that I have much better impact on a flagship player, but I do still hear some analog-like style tune on R8 sound style.


  Before specific style R8 say, I think it is necessary to explain my heart, "analog style" and I became really changed for me, "listening view" after an analog audio player.Ashamed to say hear analog sound system for the first time, I think, "I wrote those headlines and other equipment, said analog-style taste of the article is really very ashamed ah".I have to admit that once the player is not an analog audio source, although vinyl or heard some of the more advanced simulation systems, but for "simulated flavor" of the word, and not a detailed knowledge and experience.Until they have before giving the word has a relative with views like, and I have completely overturned views on the so-called "simulated flavor".We like to have a warm, thick analog voice calling taste, but the actual simply not the case children.I now understand the analog-style, in fact, it is more dynamic, more natural flow and a lot of details and a more powerful sense of energy.But this is only a summary only, the real difference between analog and digital, I still could not find a way to fully describe their different.

  Said so much about what I think of simulation, of course, but also because in this recent two years, after I have an analog audio system, I almost did not say what made me think of "simulated flavor", I really did not think too, I always think digital is digital, analog is analog, there is still a relatively large difference, of course, I think both have their advantages, but from the taste, I prefer analog only.As for the R8 for seashells, I might understand the true sense of the characteristics of analog sound and after a certain awareness, first want to paste the "simulated flavor" label portable player equipment.

  Focus: Talk about the sound performance of the R8 I understand it

  The author''s reference headphones is a customized version of qdc VX, tuning set as the default mode, seashells R8 is open turbo mode, a low gain listen.

  Begin by saying that I am a master user to listen to classical music, playback requirements for individuals is relatively low prevalence of the human voice, R8 For me, the performance of the human voice can meet my personal needs, because for the human voice do not ask, do not deliberately to say the performance of the vocal part in this in passing, like the main listen to the voices of friends can only say sorry, it may be less than the other major vocal music to listen to understand and requirements it reviews the human voice, not incompetence.


  For classical music, I listen to a lot of solo''ve been listening very familiar and favorite classic album.First, it said the overall feeling of the scene, surrounded by a sense of respect, the main sense of hearing from some of the big tracks, I often heard the preparation of such small Kleiber''s "Beethoven''s Fifth Symphony," Celli complete the Dark " Mozart Requiem, "etc..I used to listen to a large hand products prepared tracks a habit, it can be said seashells R8 opened to the sound of "grasping" to live it with me so I continue to listen to them interest.I am a person not too interested in the player and ear products, so at least for me, it''s hard to get.Large seashells R8 interpretation under preparation is a manifestation of momentum with the details, in one broad, but I must mention that throughout this article are saying "simulated flavor" of the word, this feeling but it is also a simulation system for preparation of large tracks left me most impressed.If only one word to describe this feeling is "natural".It does not fall into the details are thrown in front of you for you to dizzying appreciation; let each instrument will not tip over if precise positioning at each location, but as legible; not with a huge amount of low frequency sense surrounded by a sense of blasted, but with a greater sense of loudness variation and low frequency energy to make you feel part of the strength of the low-frequency instruments.And this feeling, in recent years are not available in digital audio device or I think a lot of companies can not understand the way, this is exactly the way I understand the interpretation of the right music.


  I will not cite a lot of albums and so is its performance in all aspects, in addition to the preparation I would like to say a big so I think it''s quite surprising interpretation of records it is so many players vinyl headache Hall Horowitz "Moscow concert".The reason why so many players vinyl headache because it has a huge dynamic in the last one A surface (a digital version for the first eight tracks), but it is in the record innermost position, so if there is no very good very extreme vinyl tuning capabilities, this song should be the normal version does not hear the sonic boom, like I did not consummate, on my system I have never heard of perfect play, there will always be some of the last 20 seconds of sonic boom.Because the final stage of this song great sense of dynamics and energy, combined with vinyl inner distortion can not be avoided, brought trouble to many players, in order to be able to listen to full normal version of this track, I am also a lot of digital music platforms listening to this track, although there can be no sonic boom of digital music, but you will not feel a tremendous sense of energy simulation equipment at the time that a large dynamic interpretation of the piano, what point is always less.The R8 just let me get back so little sense, can feel a huge sense of energy and continue to make music dynamic and equipment are in a distorted edge that roller coaster thrill.This is a lot of digital audio devices do not have to feel I had.

  Well, the sound quality evaluation to this end will, in fact, I did not say specifically, and even feel part of the second stage piano on some tracks as recommended, but do you really listen to a song tracks, will understand me to say.

  Summary and final point

  R8 is a short my very favorite players, but in the end I still say, digital or digital, analog or analog, but its performance is closer to my heart like musical interpretation of it.So I did not mean my praise, as to whether you think it fits your preferences, welcome to discuss common ground.I am truly a single player is not a cold user, this player so I wrote so many eloquent words, I also found its sound performance really let me put it down.So it''s part of 4G represents the latest direction of the player, and its style is the most representative of the old, traditional analog-style expression.Listen to "Vinyl" by 4G voice, it is really a magical experience

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