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Search the Web design to pay attention to optimize the knowledge



  First, the new home of station link arrangement

  1, the arrangement of the link position: The position determines the arrangement of links to link to the reallocation, in general, the link near the bottom of the head and the links are the highest weight links, especially the head, "leading Pteris pig belly" website Home arrangement also applies, then we must consider the location of the target keywords after you consolidate good keywords, targeted keywords section is arranged in a way or in the way the page layout, to choose according to their own site positioning direction!

  2, the number of links layout: the number of links have to be arranged from the direction of development of the site, if you are doing the portal, so the arrangement number of links is not the same of course, if you are a corporate type sites, especially in this regard the new station, the number of links to the home page layout should be controlled at around 50.If it is a portal-type site, as long as or should the main site from the culture and development of websites for direction from the culture, so here is selected according to the classification of specific portals involved.

  3, Links of control: individual ideas, new standing do not change within 3 months of links, too many cases involving links down the right, the new station is like our child, she grew up, so we it is necessary to treat her treated like children, do not let her into the circle too early.Of course, this is just a figure of speech, we all should know the importance of links, especially timeliness.Links can be targeted to improve your rankings, but more can our children killed, strangled once, as a child sick as a child, grew up with the scarred face.

  Second, the home page title, description, keywords wording

  Many aspects of the title are a large number of articles appeared in the A5 before, repeated here is what we call attention to this issue.How to make your site title, description of how to write, how to write keywords are very critical part, including the wording and content of the columns page title wording.Since this is a whole space, looks pretty meticulous share.

  1, the wording of the title

  Precise positioning 1) the title: that is precisely taking into account the development of the site, your site is brand development goals or product development goals depends entirely on the general direction of optimization of your website.According to the user''s browsing habits, if you are to promote the brand, the brand is recommended on the far left, if you promote products, so the target keywords on the far left.

  2) title of control words: the title of different ways to control the number of words, characters and punctuation personal or stick together should be controlled in 30 words or less, in a concise, accurate, mainly glance.For example, is about the generator side of the target keyword is a diesel generator and product promotion is targeted, so my title is so set (diesel generators, diesel generator sets - China Special Equipment diesel generator network)

  3) The title punctuation: opinions, individual keywords adhere horizontal line with the splitting between them with commas, keywords and names, for example as.Of course, does not exclude the keyword divided by the horizontal line.Individuals have a personal preference only.

  2, keyword expression

  1) the number of keywords: In general, setting the number of keywords should be controlled within seven, the number of keywords representing the word appears on our website, which is the density, the integration of keywords and keyword arrangement when we have a good positioning of keywords, especially target keywords and long tail keywords contrast, the number of key words should be written according to the main keyword, target keywords and long tail keyword density.

  2) position of a keyword: Keywords position is understood to write from left to right are sequentially arranged according to keyword density.

  3) Separator Keywords: keyword delimiter general English comma, space.

  3, the written description

  1) described in words: Generally, if you write a description that should be controlled in 70 words or less.

  2) whether the written description: For a description of a lot of friends may all know, sometimes we write the description is not correct, when the search engines caught our site, sometimes matching up different descriptions, even very different and we write.So this time we will consider, write or do not write a description of it?Including key words, is not to write it?If you are familiar with Baidu''s page, we can see that Baidu page only the title, keywords and description are not filled.People only suggestions to make their own search engines to crawl, which will be more friendly, more convenient reader needs.

  Third, the web part of the set

  1, the correlation Columns: Column settings can be set according to relevance of the industry, not only to avoid the accumulation of so-called keywords, better able to explain our artistic website design, relevance.From the perspective of the link, the correlation is our premium choice, so the arrangement correlation column would be more reasonable, the room will be a broader development.

  2, the long tail of the column setting: the long tail keywords as the column setting, mainly to improve the major long tail keywords on the page right weight, so a lot of sites will make products using long tail keywords do Columns.

  3, column arrangement: column arrangement may be horizontal layout, the layout can be longitudinal.

  Fourth, the general page layout

  1, two-column: You can select different settings according to the section of the page columns the way, if your site''s section is arranged transversely, then the two-column page layout, you can take the primary target keyword content pages to explain the way side bar can choose other related associations to do the long tail.

  2, three-column: As the number of long tail keywords, a lot of friends to take three-column design approach, so that you can arrange a lot of long tail keywords on the home page, such an arrangement is mainly to take the cross bar and both sidebar made layout columns.

  3, Integrated Bar: comprehensive section is generally used for portals and, in relation to the site of the long tail too much involved, this column is to set most of the layout according to the classification of the industry and the relevance of keywords.

  Five other settings

  Depending on the industry, we will arrange flash or video, this design is mainly to give the reader a different visual perception and auditory experience, but also mainly from the aesthetic readers to consider, so not much explanation here

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