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SATA hard drive is not suitable for overclocking or may be unexpected



  [IT168 shopping guide] With the heat 865PE motherboard and VIA KT600 motherboards Intel to buy, S-ATA hard disk prices fell diving, many of my friends have been or ready to purchase S-ATA hard drive.S-ATA hard disk is always a new thing, problems arise in the use of parallel hard disk to more than.Today we found a very strange question, is situation on S-ATA hard disk at high FSB arising.When the hard disk to run non-standard FSB will be a lot of strange things, such as files of loss of, do not recognize the hard disk, etc..So you want to overclock properly, the best choice for standard FSB.

  Today, there is a new development of hardware changes, many new motherboards appear locked AGP / PCI frequency technology, has no standard and non-standard FSB value of the points, as long as your CPU and motherboard memory strong enough, other equipment you can work safely.But this technology for S-ATA hard drive, will not work.Because we used a simple platform today to test the S-ATA hard drive capacity of high FSB, people feel very unexpected results.Platform as follows:


  Abit IS7-E (865PE)

  Ati Radeon9800SE


  Seagate S-ATA 80G

  We found that if you run 250 times higher than the FSB, Seagate S-ATA 80G will not recognize the hard disk of the situation (which has been set to lock the motherboard AGP / PCI frequency), but this is no problem when you change the original frequency.The situation does not recognize the hard disk does not appear to change when IDE hard drives, SATA hard disk concluded that overclocking is not all alike so good, you want to overclock or SATA hard disk, but can only choose one.(More testing only the Seagate S-ATA 80G test, and on behalf of other S-ATA hard disk has this happens) hope the results of this test is not universal, then that is true overclocking enthusiasts hit :)

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