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SATA hard drive installed and the BIOS settings Detailed



  With each motherboard chipset manufacturers have issued direct support SATA hard drives or even SATA RAID chipsets, motherboards with SATA RAID function has become a hot market; and STAT hard drive cost-effective, but also to many users abandon IDE hard disk, direct purchase and use the motherboard has SATA interface; however, the emergence of new things, after all, will have a new problem now for users of SATA motherboard and hard drive, how to set up and use good SATA devices, has become a key issue.

  First, install the hard disk data and power cables; the SATA hard drive and a traditional hard disk has a great difference in the interface, SATA hard disk using a fine needle 7 instead of all the common cable 40/80 pin flat hard line as the data transmission channels.Thin Wire advantage is that it is very thin, so it is very easy to bend (but for the SATA data cable, it is best not to bend the spring 90, otherwise it will affect the data transmission).Next, with a thin cable attached to the SATA hard disk interface SATA interface card or motherboard.Because SATA uses a point to point, each SATA interface can connect a hard disk, it is not necessary that the jumper is provided as a parallel hard disk, the system will automatically set based SATA hard disk.


  A hard disk connected to the power line.As with the data line, SATA hard drive does not use a conventional 4-pin "D-type" power interface, and more easily accessible using a 15-pin flat interface voltage used is 12V, 5V and 3.3V, if your power supply does not provide such an interface, you need to buy a dedicated support SATA hard drive power adapter or converter.4 provides some SATA hard pin "D-type" 15-pin flat and two interfaces, so that power can be directly used in the original.After the completion of all of these need to be carefully checked again, after making sure it is accurate can cover up the chassis.




  SATA hard drives in use is fully compatible with conventional parallel hard disk, it is generally not a problem in the installation of the driver.If the operating system you are using Windows 9x / ME, then just enter the BIOS, under which the SATA options simply set what can be.But SATA hard disk may be some problems installing Windows XP.Since Windows XP was unable to identify the connected SATA hard drive interface card, the user must manually install the SATA hard disk drivers.During installation, when Windows XP Looking SCSI devices press the F6 key, and then insert a floppy disk drive with a SATA interface cards supplied, so that the normal Windows XP installed

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