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SATA hard disk installation must-read Q & A



  SATA hard disk is different from the PATA (Parallel Interface) hard drives, install and use, there will be a lot different, which makes a lot .

  As manufacturers continue to decline SATA (serial interface) hard disk prices, supported by the increasing popularity of SATA motherboard, more and more people choose to SATA hard drive to build their own computer platform.However, due to SATA hard disk is different from the PATA (Parallel Interface) hard drives, install and use, there will be a lot different, which makes many users encounter a lot of trouble after purchase.This will be question and answer format, on some common questions provide an explanation:

  Q: I heard SATA hard drive data cable and power cable interface is different from the PATA hard drives, SATA hard drives in the purchase of whether additional purchase?

  A: General motherboard will support SATA hard core 7 comes with a dedicated data line and the power line, and the new power is now substantially SATA device also provides a proprietary interface to the power supply.In addition, some extra SATA hard drive also with the original D-type power connector a PATA hard drive, you can use the old compatible power supply.So usually we do not need to buy additional.If you do need, SATA data cable about 10 dollars, power connector adapter cable is also 10 yuan down, the computer market has sales of acceptable quality.

  Q: SATA hard disk to install the system, whether the additional load to be driven to find the hard disk?

  A: The failure is that to divide the case may be.

  When installing DOS / Win98 / WinMe system, SATA hard disk does not need to load any drivers, can be used as a hard disk and PATA.

  At installation Win2000 / XP / 2003 system, SATA controllers are typically provided by a southbridge chip (such as Intel''s ICH5 / R, VIA''s VT8237, etc.) or without a built-shielding RAID functionality in the BIOS setup, nor need to load drivers can find the hard drive; in the open RAID, you need to load drivers.The use of third-party chip SATA controller, you must load the driver.

  Detailed steps loading SATA drives can be found in "Serial ATA drives met when WindowsXP" article.

  Q: You must install the case SATA drive, no floppy drive with how to do?

  A: When this stage, Win2000 / XP installation CD to load additional device drivers, read only floppy.

  Although, we can build their own integration into trouble required a SATA drive control system installation CD-ROM, eliminating the need to load from the floppy drive.However, its production methods and settings are complex and need to load drivers for the Windows file system mode and SATA drives have a certain understanding, but also setting a little bit wrong can lead to driver load unsuccessful.So it is recommended to spend 50 yuan to buy a floppy drive save trouble.

  Q: SATA hard drives have generic drive it?

  Answer: SATA hard disk drive does not mean the driver, but to SATA controller driver, built into motherboard chipset South Bridge and additional third-party control chip to add two types, the manufacturers of the drive can not be universal.

  Manufacturers have different designs (the BIOS setup can be seen in different), SATA controller portion Intel, VIA, SiS motherboard chip is different, let alone other third-party controllers, so the less recently there may be unified driver.Microsoft''s best hope is directly integrated control of major manufacturers SATA drives in a subsequent system installation CD, it is most convenient.

  General Board will be included with the floppy disk drive, but there are also only available motherboard driver CD, you need to copy the SATA driver files to a floppy disk.There is a need to make a particular program SATA motherboard floppy disc drive, that needs to see the instructions on the motherboard manual.

  Q: SATA hard drives PATA hard drives can coexist and you?

  A: Sure, but vary depending on the SATA controller settings.

  Let SATA and PATA IDE channels of peaceful coexistence lies in its location can not be occupied by conflict.Also note, DOS / Win98 / WinMe system can only support four IDE devices, and Win2000 / XP / 2003 system supports 6 devices (Note: The third-party SATA controller can break through this limit).SATA portion disposed on the IDE channel occupied position, the manufacturers are different.In Intel 865PE ICH5 Southbridge chipset Example: After enter BIOS, under the selected IDE Main Configuration Menu, the following Onboard IDE Operate Mode IDE can choose between two operating modes: compatibility mode and enhanced mode (Compatible Mode and Enhanced Mode).Wherein Compatible Mode, can be understood as the mapping of SATA hard disk port to a corresponding port parallel IDE channel, usually applied to DOS / Win98 / WinMe system; SATA drives in Enhanced Mode will separate IDE channel, do not conflict with the original PATA device, but only for Win2000 / XP / 2003 systems.

  Depending on which setting items motherboard slightly different, more complex.If understanding the need to see the specification with reference to the motherboard "plainly SATA drives" article.

  Q: SATA hard disk does not support partitioning tool such as FDISK and DM and the GHOST software yet?

  A: Of course Support.The use of such software in question to appear on the multi Southbridge is ICH5 motherboard, because the software is based on DOS platform, so the above mentioned must be compatible mode (Compatible Mode), when set to enhanced mode ( Enhanced Mode) will trigger fault the software can not be used when.

  In addition, the use of 160GB SATA hard drive capacity and above, due to FDISK (Win98 version) and the DM software introduced earlier this type of partition, and can not improve support more than 137GB hard drive 48bit addressing, may lead to inexplicable failures, so most secure the approach is to use integrated WinXP SP1 patch installation CD, prior to installation of the system only to a district system for mounting (Win2000 system is the same, the patch need SP4).

  Etc. installed the system, first to modify the registry, type regedt32 in the "Run", enter OK.Create a new key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesAtapiParameters subkey: edit carte menu bar → Add Value Value Name: EnableBigLba, numeric types: DWORD, value: 1.Then use the "Control Panel → Computer Management" tool in Disk management points the rest of the partition.

  Q: Can I install a Linux system on SATA hard it?

  Answer:.Such as RedHat 9, needs to be set before installation Compatible Mode, otherwise you will not find the hard disk.After installation, to upgrade the kernel to 2.4.22, if the CPU supports Hyper-Threading, please select the SMP support in the kernel is compiled.Then modify the GRUB boot parameters, the hda change hde, partition number unchanged.There also need to change about fstab, otherwise not be activated after the start "SWAP" swap partition.After restarting, the BIOS in Compatible Mode changed Enhanced Mode, so you can play to the performance of the SATA interface.

  Q: It is said that hot-swappable SATA hard drive, you can actually use this feature?

  A: The current SATA technology is divided into V1.0 and V2.0 two versions, V1.0 does not support hot swap technology, V2.0 specifications to achieve a hot swap SATA function.

  Impact on the hot-swap motherboard and the hard disk itself only just, as long as the hard drives and motherboards support this feature, and then install the correct driver, hot-swap hard disk can be achieved, as to what kind of operating system choice does not matter.New on the market now, such as hard disk Seagate Barracuda 7200.7.V2 SATA hard drive support.0 specifications, and because the traditional PATA''s 4Pin power plug can not support hot swap functionality, so Seagate hard drives do not support this series of traditional PATA''s 4Pin power connector.This motherboard supports the functionality needed because Intel''s ICH5 south bridge chip does not support hot swap functionality, so i865 series of motherboards can not support this feature.Now officially announced support for SATA hot swap motherboard makers rarely, and only ASRock specific models support this feature can http: // / product / index_china.htm.

  In addition, although the board are hot-swappable hard drives, but did not cut off the hard drive in case of power supply, only hot-swappable SATA data cable, can sometimes lead to the failure of hot-plug function.Note also that the time interval of two successive hot swap operation must be more than 5 seconds.SiS and other SATA controller chip, a dedicated SATA control software, can enable more secure and reliable SATA hot-swap.However, the current hot-swap SATA technology seems not yet fully mature, after all, different from the flash memory hard drive and other peripherals, it is more fragile, so caution hot swap.

  to sum up

  The birth of each new technology, performance and functionality increase, while more will be accompanied not used on the set up and use.SATA interface devices currently used has become a trend in the future in addition to the hard disk will have more equipment SATA technology, we must firmly clutching the trend, as soon as possible to understand and master it.We hope this will soon make it optional SATA hard drive readers a more comprehensive understanding, eliminating the embarrassment of a loss problems encountered in the use.

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