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SATA hard disk failure can not be used summary



  SATA hard disk interface began to spread, there are many different hard disk drives and IDE interfaces that in use, there will be some problems can not be used in the course, are summarized as follows:

  First, set the error

  Mainly in the BIOS SATA setting error related, in particular, some of the early motherboards using third-party SATA / RAID controller chip, sometimes in the BIOS is disabled, to find the motherboard manual to open this chip.

  Two, SATA connector malfunction

  This failure There are two possibilities: 1, loose joints, the phenomenon is self-boot hard disk hear the sound, but could not find the hard drive in the BIOS.2, the joint is not clean, the phenomenon is mainly slow transmission or a pause.

  This situation is encountered to put the metallic SATA interface wipe clean with alcohol, and then the cable is firmly SATA.

  3, the control chip per se limits

  Early SATA chip only supports SATA 1.Hard disk 0, if connected to the SATA 2.5G hard disk, there may not be supported.We can put the jumper hard disk into the operating mode 1.0, of course, hard to use some type of software tool to adjust.

  4, driver failure

  When you install XP, there is a third party if the onboard SATA / RAID chip, it is necessary to install the driver installation begins, otherwise you will not find the hard disk after reboot.Of course, we might try to use some version of GHOST.Can refer to the following article:

  http: // / experience / show.php?itemid = 815

  http: // / Article / show.php?itemid = 1628

  5, in the slow speed XP

  Some third-party chip on the SATARAID later if the hard drive to the SATA interface to the first three, the speed will slow down, you can put the hard drive to the SATA interface to a first.

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