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SATA and mSATA solid state drive What is the difference



  Most mSATA is super pole use, ultra-pole limited size of the volume, mSATA product is the only able to adapt to a super this environmental storage hard disk, large capacity, small size, high performance, from any angle will be super present preferred and unique be able to choose the media.

  mSATA standard SATA interface is a mini version of the PCI-E interface by transmitting Mini signal transmission speed supported 1.5Gbps, 3Gbps, 6Gbps three modes.


  So if you want to upgrade the notebook SSDs need to look at what''s on their laptop hard disk interface motherboard, most ordinary notebook does not mSATA interface only SATA interface, dual-drive notebook section, with SATA interface and the interface mSATA.


  MSATA solid state laptop hard drive interface icon

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