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SATA and M.What is the difference 2 SSDs



  Solid state drives have become the standard in the majority of computer users, and with it, compared to traditional mechanical hard drive, it has a faster switching speed machine, the system fluency but also a lot faster.Because of this, many people use solid-state hard drive, no longer willing to go with a mechanical hard drive.Today, many people will choose SSDs installed as a system disk using the computer, but from the looks of some M.2 SSDs as memory, as some SATA SSDs looks like a thin notebook hard drive, then two hard drives what difference does it


  First of all, there are many solid state drive interface, the most common are mainly SATA and M.2 interface, in addition to PCI, etc., other interfaces now basically eliminated, I can not say here.

  Well, the most common and M SATA Solid State Drive.What is the difference 2 SSDs?

  You first need to define a concept, not looks like a memory SSD is necessarily M.2 SSDs.M.2 interface, also known as NGFF, and there Socket 2 Socket 3 modes.Socket 2 corresponds to the B key, using 6pin design, smart take SATA or PCI-E X2 channel; Socket 3 corresponding to the M key, PCI-E X4 may take more than one channel and.


  Strictly speaking, many people say M.2 SSDs faster than SATA solid state, this argument is wrong or is not rigorous.Because, if it is to go SATA-M.2 solid-state drives, speed and SATA SSDs essentially the same.The agreement supports the NVMe M.2 solid state drive is much faster compared to SATA SSDs in the transmission speed.

  Therefore, buy M.2 solid-state drive, be sure to pay attention to see what is taking the channel, only NVME channel M.2 SSDs, compared to the speed of SATA solid state drives have obvious advantages.

  Of course, NVME M.2 SSDs are also significantly higher than the price go SATA channel M.2 SATA solid state and high SSDs, we need to pay attention to this point, do not think that some go SATA channel M.2 solid cheap, I thought picked up cheap.

  Of course, the factors affecting the performance of solid state drives not only the interface, and the master chip is also very important part of.SSD more knowledge, we can look at the following specific Related Reading.

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