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0 byte memory card computer display phone also does not show how ah ????Guiqiu.



  The first step, open the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, storage, disk management, disk management interface to enter.

  In the text "Disk 1" right click, select "Initialize Disk", just click "OK".After initialization, U disk into the state as "online" status.

  Note: If the "Initialize Disk" option does not appear, proceed directly to the next step, select "New Partition". Note that U-lock to open, otherwise it will appear the following prompt: "Because the media is write-protected, requiring the operation could not be completed."

  The second step in the "Disk 1" white box on the right click and choose "New Partition" to enter the New Partition Wizard, straight

  Then click Next, select the type of partition (primary partition, extended partition or logical drive), the primary partition can be generally selected.

  third step,

  A system according to assignment, may not go on any selectively operable.Select disk space (typically default size), assign a drive letter (generally not assigned), select "set according to the following format this partition" formatted form set (file system type, allocation unit size, label).

  The final step, click Finish, and wait for it to complete formatting.

  After formatting, U disk status as "good condition", that is done.

  This can usually fix the U disk recovery.However, this repair method also has a flaw, that is not to restore the original U disk

  data.If the U disk on the original data is not very important, this method is more effective.If there is a very important document on the U disk, we must recover, it is recommended to find professional firms.Now cities are basically doing data recovery specialist.

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